Compact solutions

Increase your network performance using our high-speed device

The new V3-DCI chassis has very high capacities and transmission ranges. “3 in 1” solution - compact equipment includes 2 service slots and a board combining an 8 channel DWDM-multiplexer / demultiplexer, an amplifier and a service channel multiplexer (hybrid optical unit EAM with amplifier). There is no need to install an additional chassis for multiplexing and amplification. Two compact systems allow maximum transmission of 2.4 Tbit / s over a distance of up to 100 km in just 4 wavelengths at a speed of 600 Gbit / s. The line port speed is configurable from 100 to 600 Gbit / s.

ChassisExecutionDCI Execution
Slots in the chassis13731 constant73
Redundancy of the control unit1+1 (execution without reservation is possible)no1+1
Redundancy of the power unit1+11+1
Control unitEMS и NMS "Fractal"EMS и NMS "Fractal"
Air flow directionside (left to right)frontal
Power supplyАС 220 В 50 / DC 36-72 ВАС 220 В 50 / DC 36-72 V
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm482×441×340482×258,2×340482×136,2×340482×44,0×378482х264х470482х133х470
Operating temperature, ° Сfrom +5 to +40from +5 to +40
Maximum humidity, %80% (at +25 °С)80% (at +25 °С)
Power consumption of the chassis (without equipment), W160113635012060
Chassis weight (without equipment), kg128,67,45,3107

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