Volga DWDM System I DCI

Increase your network performance using our high-speed device

A feature of the data center infrastructure is the presence of cold and hot aisles and the corresponding equipment cooling scheme in the data center. An important requirement for telecom equipment is the support of high-speed clients, their efficient aggregation in a high bandwidth channel.

DCI chassis allow operators to set up high-capacity DWDM links to connect data centers within a city or over longer distances. Through the compact platform it is possible both effectively accommodate up to 2 (V3 DCI) or 6 (V6 DCI) high-speed aggregators, and an optical line system in one chassis.

With the help of line cards of the M1200 line in the DCI version, it is possible to organize information transfer up to 2.4 Tbit/s in one V3 DCI chassis, and up to 7.2 Tbit/s in the V6 DCI chassis.

Responding to the needs of data center clients, within the framework of the DCI line, T8 has developed cards with a wide range of multi-service client interfaces. For example, the M400-2C2-20P2Q-DCI Aggregator supports high-speed FibreChannel storage protocol options along with Ethernet clients up to 400GE.

Compact monoblock solutions

The transceiver units and optical equipment of Volga line can be implemented in a compact 1U package. Such a monoblock design is an independent system with integrated control units. Monoblocks can be implemented both with the classic "left to right" blowing option, and in the data center version, with "front to back" blowing.
A distinctive feature of 1U solutions is the ability to organize networks with personalized data processing algorithms.
Such compact solutions are in demand in the banking sector, where security issues are in the first place.


• Form factor from 1 to 10U
• A wide range of equipment for speeds from 155 Mb/s to 800 Gbit/s
• Carrier grade management system


• High density of client
• Up to 1.2 Tbit/s per slot
• Support for "Alien Wavelength" technology


• 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 redundancy of control and power units
• Advanced cooling system with data center design


• Status of telecommunications equipment of Russian origin (TORP)
• Departmental certification
• Equipment in the register of innovative products recommended for purchase

Chassis useV6 DCIV3 DCIV1 DCI
Slots in chassis73monoblock
Control unit redundancy1+1 (version without redundancy is available)no
PSU redundancy1+1 or 2+11+1
Control systemEMS and NMS Fractal/Titan
Air flow directionfrontal
Power supplymodules AC 220 V 50 Hz / DC 36-72 V
Dimensions (W x H x D)482 х 264 х 470 mm482 х 133 х 470 mm482 х 44 х 470 mm
Working temperaturefrom +5 to +40 °С
Maximum humidity80 % (at +25 °С)
Chassis power consumption (without equipment)120 W60 W
Chassis weight (without equipment)10 kg7 kg

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