Compact solutions


The new V3-DCI chassis has very high capacities and transmission ranges. “3 in 1” solution - compact equipment includes 2 service slots and a board combining an 8 channel DWDM-multiplexer / demultiplexer, an amplifier and a service channel multiplexer (hybrid optical unit EAM with amplifier). There is no need to install an additional chassis for multiplexing and amplification. Two compact systems allow maximum transmission of 2.4 Tbit / s over a distance of up to 100 km in just 4 wavelengths at a speed of 600 Gbit / s. The line port speed is configurable from 100 to 600 Gbit / s.

  • up to 90 km when using Pre-Amp
  • up to 100 km when using Pre-Amp and Booster
  • up to 140 km when using Booster and Raman


• Transport DWDM-equipment from 155 Mbit /s to 400 Gbit /s
• Multiplexers and demultiplexers
• Tunable Multiplexers ROADM
• Optical Amplifiers
• CWDM systems up to 10 Gb /s


Any receiving and transmitting units, optical equipment of the platform Volga (except for the MS-200E) can be manufactured in a compact 1U monoblock chassis. This solution is a completely independent system and includes devices: controls, ventilation and two power supplies. The characteristics of the 1U-system fully conform to the characteristics of the units platform Volga.

The systems is controlled via Gigabit and Fast Ethernet interfaces. The system is equipped with three 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 ports providing dedicated bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s. Ports support automatic detection of MDI/MDIX, can be used for connecting PCs, printers, servers, hubs, routers, switches and other network equipment. The system also has two SFP ports, in which modules supporting 1000BASE-SX/LX/ZX standards can be installed, for example, for organizing optical service channels between network nodes.


Control systemEMS or NMS Fractal
Power supplyDC 36-72 V
Power consumption without unit of equipment50 W
Dimensions monoblock481,6 х 44 х 377,4 mm
Working temperature+5 to +40 °С
Humidity of air no more than80 % (at +25 °С)
Monoblock weight without unit of equipment5,3 kg