About Us

T8 is the leading manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment (DWDM) in Russia and CIS countries. We develop and manufacture a line of DWDM equipment with channel speed up to 600 Gbit/s. The entire T8 equipment is being designed and manufactured in Russia. Company headquarter is located in Moscow; there is a regional representative office in Saint Petersburg. There are over 300 staff members in the company, including four doctors of science and more then twenty PhDs.

For several years now the company is a constant participant of the well-known Russian rating «TechUspech» among high-tech companies. The company got short-listed among the Top 5 of Russia most innovative small companies. The company is a member of the alliance of manufacturers of modern telecommunications equipment TELMI.

A substantial part of our profit is re-investing to scientific research and development activities that allow us to manufacture world-class DWDM equipment. T8 has the own R&D Center, “T8 Scientific and Technical Center” LLC, which is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, as well as the best-equipped measurement laboratory in Russia. The research and development department designs and manufactures its own components for optoelectronic systems. In 2018, the company first introduced test samples of its own element base: 40Gb / s modulator, MUX / DEMUX AAWG, SFP / SFP + and QSFP28 modules. Every year our specialists publish dozens of scientific articles in Russian and international journals. We obtain patents for new scientific research results year by year.

The development of modern telecom equipment and the implementing of innovative technologies require high professionalism and creative approach of the employees. Not only state-of-the-art technology gurus but also recent graduates work in our company. We have established a school for training and education of young specialists; we select and promote the best graduates of leading Russian universities such as MIPT, MSU, Bauman MSTU, and others. The company has established several telecommunication laboratories in MTUCI and in The Bonch-Bruevich Saint - Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Training courses for specialists are an opportunity to extend one's knowledge in the area of wavelength division multiplexing technology and to work practically with the telecommunication technologies.

T8 offers integrated solutions for building DWDM systems on a turnkey basis: design, supply, installation and maintenance of the equipment. The qualification of the company specialists makes possible to implement projects of any complexity both for regional and backbone DWDM networks. The in-house design department calculates DWDM networks within a short period of time.

    The main areas of T8 company activities:
  • Development and manufacture of DWDM equipment;
  • Pre-design analysis of fiber optic lines;
  • Development of design concept, calculation and engineering design of networks;
  • Equipment installation;
  • Maintenance and technical support of equipment;
  • Distributed acoustic sensors development;
  • Laser physics and optoelectronics research and development activities.

The company has multiple technical capabilities allow to solving any types of tasks that may appear. The vast practical experience in the installation of high-complexity systems in various climatic conditions makes it possible for our specialists to manage the most challenging situations within short time and with high quality. 24/7 technical support is available for our customers. The company has full-time mobile groups of engineers that can provide immediate response to any situation. The high quality of projects implementation is confirmed by positive feedback and references. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

We have put in operation over 80,000 km of DWDM lines. Communications providers, system integrators, state authorities, data processing centers, plants and factories are among our clients. One of the key clients in Russia is Rostelecom, the largest fixed-line operator. An important area in the development of fiber-optic equipment was the Dunay distributed acoustic sensor. The Dunay project team has been set up as a separate company - T8 Sensor. The hardware and software complex Dunay is intended for: organizing the boundaries of protection of extended facilities and critical infrastructure - oil and gas pipelines, communication lines, state border, perimeters of large territories - industrial and special facilities; for monitoring transport infrastructure facilities. Information about the sensor can find at www.t8-sensor.ru.

Among our clients: