Thursday January 21st, 2021

(Russian) Расширение магистрального канала на Крайнем Севере

ГКУ «Ресурсы Ямала» совместно с компанией ООО «Т8» завершили расширение основного магистрального канала региональной межведомственной телекоммуникационной сети РМТКС ЯНАО по маршруту Салехард – Аксарка – Надым – Пангоды – Новый Уренгой – Коротчаево – Лимбяяха – Пуровск – Губкинский – Ханымей – Ноябрьск – Муравленко.
Tuesday October 6th, 2020

Backbone networks in Siberia began working faster

«Т8» модернизировал магистральные линии протяженностью более 2400 км одного из крупнейших операторов России. Высокоскоростные линии были запущены в Красноярским крае, Республике Бурятия и Иркутской области.
Tuesday July 14th, 2020

Volga, a friend among aliens

The new backbone high-speed network 100 Gbit/s, deployed on Volga platform, has connected 13 customer nodes in the largest cities of Russia. The network is deployed on existing fiber infrastructure using an Alien Wavelength solution.
Tuesday June 16th, 2020

T8 became new resident of telecommunications technologies consortium

T8 became a new resident of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization ‘Telecommunications Technologies’ Consortium (ANO TT), established by the state corporation Rostec, PJSC Rostelecom and Element Group of Companies.
Tuesday May 26th, 2020

Volga went to Siberia

T8 has completed the new round of a large-scale upgrade of the regional data transmission network of a large telecom operator in the Siberian Federal District. During the upgrade, new Volga DWDM equipment was installed in more than 50 communication nodes. In a number of segments, the speed of communication channels increased more than 10 times!
Friday April 17th, 2020

More than 2000 km without regeneration at the Alien Wavelength!

The results of testing the Volga DWDM equipment using the latest generation transponder with support for 400 Gbit / s speeds were summed up. The MS-400E Gbit / s transponder board provided a stable communication channel with a speed of 150 Gbit / s on a real Moscow-Yekaterinburg line in the existing network of the federal telecommunications operator using Alien Wavelength technology.
Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Mobile DWDM – T8 deals with any customer challenges

We are all used to the fact that the backbone equipment of spectral multiplexing is stationary and cannot be used in mobile solutions. The T8 company destroys this stereotype and offers a DWDM complex for the temporary organization of high-capacity communication nodes equipped with transport wheels.
Monday January 20th, 2020

T8 took the first place in the ranking of the most innovative companies in Russia

T8 group of companies took the first place in the ranking of the most innovative companies in Russia and entered the TOP 5 among companies with revenues of up to 2 billion rubles according to the 'Tekhuspekh' ranking. 'Tekhuspekh' ranking is the first ranking of high-tech fast-growing companies in Russia. According to the results of the past year, the company retained its place in the ranking among medium-sized companies, in the ranking for 2018, T8 group was also included in the TOP 5 medium-sized companies in terms of revenue.
Monday October 7th, 2019

T8 hosted a press tour for journalists

T8 and Rostelecom held a press tour on the production of T8 for journalists of the North-Western Federal district. The tour was timed to the completion of the second stage of optical DWDM communication systems modernization on the line Saint Petersburg-Vologda-Kotlas - Syktyvkar.