Volga DWDM System I Telecom

Telecommunication equipment for high-speed optical communication networks

Volga DWDM platform is an effective solution implemented using DWDM/OTN technology for organizing high-speed communication networks. The equipment supports channel speeds up to 800 Gbit/s, with a total system throughput of up to 38 Tbit/s per fiber pair. The platform chassis is available in 1 | 3 | 6 | 10U and is installed (mounted) in standard 19/21" telecommunication cabinets. DWDM Volga l Telecom is optimized to work with high-speed transponders: 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 Gbit/s.

Platform for any topology
A wide selection of channel-forming equipment with flexible line interface parameters meets the needs of operators when building metro, regional and backbone optical networks. A wide range of amplifiers (EDFA, RAMAN, EAM, ROPA, hybrid EDFA+RAMAN) makes it possible to build long and extra-long single-span lines. The presence of units with electrical and optical cross-connection opens up the possibility of creating complex network topologies. To ensure the reliability of connections, software and hardware mechanisms are provided to support 1+1 redundancy at the optical and electrical levels. Support for forward error correction FEC, including Super-FEC, HD-FEC and SD-FEC, provides a significant operating margin and increases the length of the regeneration section.

Network scalability and upgrade
The platform provides the possibility accomplish an increase the network bandwidth quickly by adding units to the free slots of the chassis or increasing the linear speed of optical channels on transponders. Network reconfiguration and expansion can be done without interrupting communication. A wide range of client interfaces helps to seamlessly upgrade legacy communication lines with the transition to modern high-speed equipment of the new generation.

OTN technology support
Transponders and muxponders-aggregators transfer traffic in the OTN OTU1/2/3/4 format. OTN capacity matrix up to 200 Gbit/s. The possibility of using an alien wavelength allows customers to organize cost-effective solutions using already using equipment. Next generation will support OTN-matrix up to 1Tbit/s.

A new level of network management and infrastructure monitoring
The carrier grade management system is designed for centralized control of DWDM equipment and integration with external IT systems (OSS/BSS). NMS provides information about the network structure, the general state of the communication channels between them at different levels of network organization.
The use of an OTDR unit built into the platform from Volga DWDM equipment line allows operators to monitor the state of the optical infrastructure in real time, prevent network failures and reduce downtime.


• Form factor from 1 to 10U
• A wide range of equipment for speeds from 155 Mbps to 800 Gbit/s
• ROADM: WSS 1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 1x9
• Optical amplifiers: EDFA, RAMAN, EAM, ROPA and hybrid EDFA+RAMAN
• Carrier grade management system


• High density of client interfaces
• Up to 1.2 Tbit/s per slot
• Quick installation on current communication lines
• "Alien Wavelength" technology support


• 1+1 redundancy of control and power units
• Integration with OTDR system for real-time fiber health monitoring


• Status of telecommunications equipment of Russian origin (TORP)
• Departmental certification
• Equipment in the register of innovative products recommended for purchase

Chassis useV10R2V6R2V3R2V1
Slots in chassis1373monoblock
Control unit redundancy1+1 (variant with no redundancy is available)no
Power supply redundancy1+1
Management systemEMS and NMS Fractal/Titan
Air flow directionlateral (left to right)
Power supply modulesAC 220 B 50 Hz / DC 36-72 V
Dimensions (W x H x D)482 х 441 х 340 mm482 х 258.2 х 340 mm482 х 136.2 х 340 mm482 х 44 х 378 mm
Working temperaturefrom +5 to +40 °С
Maximum humidity80 % (at +25 °С)
Chassis power consumption (without equipment)160 W113 W63 W
Chassis weight (without equipment)12 kg8.6 kg7.4 kg

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