Aggregating Transponder MS-D100EC2-T10

1 + 1 redundancy 100 Gbps channel for 10 client signals

  • Transmission of up to 10 client signals
  • 1 + 1 redundancy for line and ring networks
  • Cost-effective solution based on QSFP28 optical modules
  • Long-range solution based on coherent optical modules CFP2

The MS-D100EQ aggregation transponder transmits up to 10 SFP+ client signals in two OTU4 channels. The possibility of reserving a 100 Gbps linear interface according to scheme 1+1. The unit has an ESC service channel inside the OTN OTU4 service headers at the operating muxponder wavelength. The client interfaces are optical SFP+ modules (up to 10 ports with 10GbE, STM-64, OTU-2, 8/10 / 16GFC support) and SFP28 modules for 32GFC protocol operation (up to 3 ports in 1+1 mode, up to 6 ports in 2 x 100Gbit/s mode).


Line InterfaceOperating Mode
Number of interfaces1+1 or 2 channels
Interface typeQSFP28*CFP2
Interface standardOTU4
Modulation formatNRZDP-DQPSK
Frequency grid50 GHz
Automatic dispersion correctionnoup to ± 40 ns/nm
Wavelength rangeLR4 CWDM1528,7-1567,1 nm
OSNRτ (0,1 nm, BER=10-¹²)-11.4 dB
FECG.709SD-FEC 15%
Output power (BER=10-¹²)- 0.6…+ 4 dBm- 15…+ 1 dBm
Receiver sensitivity- 8.4 dBm- 22 dBm
Receiver overload+ 4 dBm+ 1 dBm
Lightning protection-1,6 Mrad/s
Power consumption110 W140 W
Client interface
for any execution
Quantityup to 106 (100 Gbit/s)
10 (200 Gbit/s)
3 (100 Gbit/s)
6 (200 Gbit/s)
Interface standard10GE, OTU2,
STM-64, 8/10GFC,
CPRI 4.9/6.1/9.8G
16GFC32GFC, 25GE