Aggregator MS-1S-21E

Aggregation of 21 E1 streams and transmission in one line signal 155 Mbps (STM-1)

A solution for seamless migration to OTN and network infrastructure upgrades. Low-speed streams, support for internal or external synchronization

Available versions:

Line interfaces1 х SFP2 х SFP
Line interface speed155 Mbit/s (STM1)155 Mbit/s (STM1)
Modulation formatsNRZ
Redundancy supportnoyes
Switching supportnoyes
Wavelength rangedetermined by installed module
Transmitter output power
Receiver sensitivity
Receiver overload
Automatic dispersion correctionno
Client interfaces21 х RJ45
Transmitting protocolsE1
Power consumptionup to 20 W