Aggregator MD-D3ES

Transmission of signals with a linear speed of 2.67 Gbit/s in the OTU1 channel with Super-FEC

  • Useful for organizing 1+1 and ring protection
  • Super-FEC G.975 I.3 or FEC G.709 error correction algorithm
  • OTN OTU1 line interface
  • OSNRT = 8.5 dB (0.1 nm, BER = 10 -12)

MD-D3ES consists of two aggregators, each of which combines 2 client GE streams, STM-1/4 streams into a linear OTU1 stream or transmits one client stream STM16/FC200. Aggregators in MD-D3ES work independently: a different combination of client threads is possible. Each aggregator has two line interfaces for redundancy. You can select the error correction algorithm (Super FEC G.975 I.3 / FEC G.709) for MD-D3ES, or FEC G.709 for MD-D3FS.


Line InterfaceOperating Mode
Number of interfaces2+2
Interface typeSFP
Interface standardOTU1
Modulation formatNRZ
Automatic dispersion correctionno
Wavelength rangeDetermined by the module
OSNRτ (0,1 нм, BER=10^-¹²)8,5 dB
FECFEC G.709, Super FEC G.975.1 I.3
Output power  (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Receiver sensitivity (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Receiver overload (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Power consumption30 W
Client Interface
Interface typeSFP
Interface standard4 x (GE, STM1/4)
or 2 x (STM16, 2GFC)