Transponders TS/TD/TSX-10EP

Long-range 10 Gbit/s low-channel transponders with Super-FEC

  • Transmission of 1 or 2 client signals 10GE, STM-64, OTU2
  • Error correction, Super-FEC G. 975 I. 7 FEC or G. 709
  • 1+1 redundancy capability for line and ring networks
  • OSNRτ = 9,5 dB (0,1 нм, BER = 10 -¹²)
  • Cost-effective transport solution based on SFP+ optical modules

The range of long-range transponders is presented in one - and two-channel versions. The units perform 3R regeneration, production monitoring and conversion of client optical signals 10 Gbit/s to OTN OTU2. Support for linear DWDM optical modules allows to organize a network of up to 88 channels with a 50 GHz step. Implements the protection function of the optical path according to the scheme 1+1 with a minimum switching time <50ms. The function is available in automatic and manual mode. Transponders use several error correction algorithms, including a high-performance Super-FEC of 13%, which can significantly increase the signal transmission distance at low power consumption.


Line InterfaceOperating Mode
Number of interfaces12
(redundancy available 1+1)
Interface typeSFP+
Interface standardOTU2
Modulation formatDetermined by the module
Frequency grid50 GHz
Automatic dispersion correctionno
Wavelength range1528,7-1567,1 nm
OSNRτ (0,1 nm, BER=10^-¹²)9,5 dB
FECFEC G.709, Super FEC G.975.1 I.7 - 13%
Output power (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Receiver sensitivity (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Receiver overload (BER=10-¹²)Determined by the module
Power consumption18 W20 W
Client Interface
Interface typeSFP+
Interface standard10GE, STM-64, OTU2