Transponders TS/TD/TSX-10EP

1/2/6 transponders unit for transmission of one/two/six independent 10G signals

Solutions for independent transmission of 10G services over long distances

Available versions:
Telecom l Data Center

Transponder TS-10EPTD-10EPTSX-10EP
Line interfaces1 х SFP+2 х SFP+6 х SFP+
Line interface speedе10G (OTU2)
FECEFEC G.709, G.975.1 l.7 7%, 12%, 13%
Redundancy supportnoyes (1+1)yes (1+1)
Switching supportno
Frequency griddetermined by installed module
Wavelength range
Выходная мощность передатчика
Receiver sensitivity
Receiver overload
Client interfaces1 x SFP+2 x SFP+6 x SFP+
Transmitting protocolsFC100, FC200, FC400, FC800, OTU2, 10GE, STM-64
Power consumptionup to 18 Wup to 20 Wup to 60 W