Aggregating Transponder MS-D100EC2-SX10/Q40Q

40GE, OTU3, STM-256 client signal support

  • Support for client modules SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28
  • Aggregation of signals 10 - 100 Gbit/s
  • Optimal solution for multiservice systems
  • Possibility of 1 +1 redundancy for line and ring networks

The block supports aggregation of client 10 Gbit/s signals into a 100 or 200 Gbit/s channel. Optical modules SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28 are used as client interfaces, which allows organizing the transfer of various protocols 10, 40, 100 Gbit/s in a single linear stream. Support for linear and standard coherent DWDM CFP2-modules optimizes the price/productivity ratio. The universal architecture enables the network to be expanded and modified during the exploitation. The characteristics of the line interface are determined by the installed optical module and may differ from those shown in the table.


Line InterfaceOperating Mode
MS D100EC2 - SX10/Q40QMS 200EC2 - SX10/Q40Q
Number of interfaces21
Interface typeCFP2
Interface standardOTU4 / OTUJOTUJ
Modulation formatDP-DQPSKDP-8QAM or DP-16QAM
Frequency grid50 GHz
Automatic dispersion correctionup to ± 40 ns/nmup to ± 20 ns/nm
Wavelength range1528,7-1567,1 nm
OSNRT (0.1 nm, BER=10 -¹²)11.4 dB18.1 dB or 19.2 dB
FECG.709 / SD-FEC 15%SD-FEC 15%
Output power (BER=10 -¹²)- 15…+ 1 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-22 dBm
Receiver overload0 dBm
Lightning protection5 Mrad/s1,6 Mrad/s
Power consumption140 W125 W
Client interface
for any execution
Quantity63 (100 Gbit/s)
6 (200Gbit/s)
2 (100 Gbit/s)
4 (200Gbit/s)
1 (100 Gbit/s)
2 (200Gbit/s)
Interface standard10GE, OTU2, STM-64,
8/10/16GFC/CPRI 4.9/6.1/9.8G
32GFC, 25GE40GE, OTU3, STM-256100GE, OTU4