Aggregator M400-2-4Q

Aggregates up to 4 x 100G clients and transmits up to 400 Gbit/s on two wavelengths

Cost-effective solution for transferring multi-service clients with redundancy support

Available versions:
Telecom l DCI

Line interface2 х LC/UPC DWDM
Line mode examples
Line interface speed2 x 100G2 х 200G
* intermediate modulation formats available for all modes (Fractional QAM)
FECHD-FEC 7 %, SD-FEC 15 % / 27 %
Redundancy supportyes
Frequency grid50 GHz /100 GHz / FlexGrid (in increments of 6.25 GHz)
Frequency range191.25 – 196.1 THz
Transmitter output power-10…+3 dBm
OSNRт9.91 dB
* 69.435 GBaud,
12.98 dB
* 71.675 GBaud,
Fractional QAM, SD-FEC 27 %
Receiver sensitivity-25 dBm
Receiver overload-5 dBm
Automatic dispersion correctionup to ± 320 ns
Lightning protection (resistance to rapid SOP changes)up to 4 Mrad/sup to 10 Mrad/s
Client interfaces4 x QSFP28
Transmitting protocols100GE, OTU4, OTUC1
Power consumptionup to 170 Wup to 195 W