M400-2-4Q aggregating transponder

Transmit up to 4 x 100 Gbit/s of client signals in 2 x 200 Gbit/s or 1 x 400 Gbit/s

Aggregating transponder (muxponder) combines 4x100 Gbit/s client channels and transmits them in a two DWDM channels. The MS-400E, converts data into the OTN format and uses the new coherent SD-FEC or HD-FEC error correction.The laser with a reconfigurable according to ITU-T 100 GHz enables organizing up to 48 DWDM channels 400G within the C-band according to ITU-T 100 GHz.


Line InterfaceOperating Mode
2 x 100Gbps2 х 150Gbps2 х 200Gbps1 х 200Gbps1 х 300Gbps1 х 400Gbps
Number of interfaces222111
Interface typeLC/UPCLC/UPC
Frequency grid50 GHz100 GHz
Automatic dispersion correction± 70 ns/nm± 30 ns/nmfrom -35 up to +226,5 ns/nmup to ± 35 ns/nmup to ± 17,5 ns/nm
Wavelength range1528.7–1567.1 nm1528.7–1567.1 nm
OSNRτ (0,1 nm, BER=10^-¹²)10,3 dB15 dB17,2 dB14,5 dB19,5 dB24,7 dB
FECSoft-FEC 15%, Soft-FEC 25%, HD-FEC 7%Soft-FEC 15%, Soft-FEC 25%, HD-FEC 7%
Output power (BER=10-¹²)-10…+2,5 dBm- 9 ... + 4 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-18 dBm-13 dBm
Receiver overload (BER=10-¹²)0 dBm+5 dBm
Lightning protection, max.5 Mrad/s1,2 Mrad/s0,7 Mrad/s3 Mrad/s
Power consumption150 W110 W
Client Interface
Interface typeQSFP28QSFP28
Interface standard100GE, OTU4100GE, OTU4, OTUC2, OTUC4