ROADM – the solution for multichannel networks

Versatile add/drop of lightpath channels for the network upgrade and protection

Reconfigurable multiplexers ROADM-x/1 (x=2, 4,9) are intended for flexible routing and cross-connect of optical channels on core network nodes. Multiplexers ROADM-1T/40C enables you to extract several optical channels from input DWDM signal, and to add client channels into output DWDM signal. Multiplexers ROADM-x/1 (x=2,4,9) enables you to extract arbitrary channels from 2, 4, or 9 input DWDM signals and combine them into one output DWDM signal. An optical equalizer has one DWDM input port and one DWDM output port. An output signal power in each multiplexer can be tuned channelby-channel in the Network Management System (NMS) using internal attenuators. All ROADM units support the WSS redundancy that allows you to reconfigure the path of optical channel when receiving the control signal. This technology allows you to provide redundancy for high bit-rate channels 100G and 40G at a minimal cost. The reconfiguration of the route takes less than 40 sec.

ROADM parameter2/14/19/1
Span between channels50Ghz
Number of input / output channels96х2/9696х4/9696х9/96
Frequency band191,30...196,05 Ghz
Channel loss (“Line in / Line out”)6,5 dB7,5 dB
Channel loss (“add”)6,5 dB7,5 dB
Channel loss (“drop”)---
Channel loss (“blocked”)40 dB
Tuning range of attenuator15 dB
Tuning step of attenuator0,1 dB
Time of channel switch250 ms
Time of attenuator switch≤ 50 ms
Power consumption10 W35 W