EA and RA optical fiber amplifiers

A range of erbium amplifiers (EA) and Raman amplifiers (RA) with a power of up to 2 W to build extended communication lines

  • 1,2 and 3 cascaded amplifiers
  • Controls transient processes when adding channels
  • Low noise figure
  • Flat amplifying grid in C-band
  • Raman amplifiers with pump power up to 2 W (33 dBm)
  • Stabilization modes for an output power and amplification factor

Amplifiers increase the power of optical signals without an optical-to-electrical transduction. Amplifiers with one, two or three amplification stages are available. In multi-stage amplifiers, inter-stage access if provided for connection of dispersion compensators. The use of gain flattening filters (GFFs) guarantees a flat gain grid in С-band. Each amplifier has a built-in tunable attenuator that enables smooth gain adjustment.


Spectral range1528,7–1567,1 nm
Output power+33 dBm (RAMAN)+10...+ 26 dBm
Number of amplifying stages-1-3
Number of leveling GFF filters-1-2
Spectral flatness per 10 dB of amplification-≤ 0,5 dB
Power adjustment range with an attenuator10-2011-18, 14-24, 25-36