Fraсtal network management system

Network management system (NMS) Fractal is designed for management and monitoring of digital transport systems DWDM, CWDM, OTN. NMS Fractal is compatible with the full range of T8 transport equipment (DWDM system Volga, CWDM system Irtysh). NMS Fractal provides network configuration management, troubleshooting control and management, quality management and security management. Thus the level of DWDM equipment management is combined with some elements of the level of digital transport systems management. Flexible configuration of filters enables operator to analyze system performance at a glance and identify pre-emergency situations at early stages. A system log for the whole network can be generated at any time. NMS supports the following main functions:

Configuration management

  • Setting parameters of network elements;
  • Synchronization of the NMS database and a network element databas;
  • Synchronization of databases for all types and versions of the network elements;
  • Collection of identification data about network elements;
  • Input of passive network elements that have no electronic elements of identification (microcontroller units);
  • Graphical representation of sections (bayface layout), installed cards and devices and their technical condition, as well as color indication of alarm statuses of network elements;
  •  Input and storage of information about connections and tunnels (services) of a physical layer (optical cables and fibers), optical layer of OTN (optical channels, multiplexer sections etc.), electrical layer of OTN (OTU1-4, ODU0-4);
  • Creation, management and monitoring of connections and tunnels of all layers of OTN;
  • Graphical representation and display of technical condition and alarm statuses of connections and tunnels of all layers of OTN;
  • Northern interface for integration with other EMS or NMS via SNMP;
  • Support for monitoring equipment of other vendors via SNMP protocol;

Troubleshooting control and management

  • Representation of information about faults and changes of condition of controlled network elements in a real time (less than 1 min);
  • Maintenance of a detailed system trouble logs;
  • Filtration and correlation of alarm signals;
  • Management of modes of performance monitoring and handling of alarm and other messages from network elements, units and input/output ports (including “masking” of alarm messages);
  • Change of category of alarm signals;
  • Support of sensors of control and management of external alarm signaling;
  • Switching on/off audio alarm and adjustment of sound volume for incoming alarm signals at operator station.

Quality management

  • Activation/deactivation of quality parameters measurement for network elements and sections;
  • Maintenance of a detailed system log of quality parameters on VC, MS, RS, and OTU (FEC) levels with an option to print all available information or to save it on an external storage.

Security management

  • Identification and authentication of the user;
  • Setting access rights
  • Logging and passive auditing;

NMS Fractal has client-server architecture. The NMS server requires Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server, and the NMS client requires Windows and Internet Explorer.