Fraсtal network management system

Fractal is a multifunctional management and monitoring system that supports a wide range of equipment

Configuration management
• setting the parameters of network elements, including the add of passive network elements (NE) that do not have electronic identification elements
• synchronization of NMS and NE databases for all supported types and versions of NEs
• collection of information about network elements
• graphical representation of sections (bay face layout), installed boards and devices, their technical condition, color indication of the emergency state of connections, both OTN optical levels (channels, multiplex sections, etc.) and OTN electrical levels (OTU1-4, ODU0-4)
• server interface for integration with other EMS or NMS via SNMP protocol
• support for monitoring equipment from other vendors via SNMP protocol

Security management
• identification and authentication of the user, differentiation of access rights based on the role model
• domain organization of network elements
• logging and passive audit
• control of the integrity and security of stored and transmitted information

Quality control
• activation/deactivation of measurement of quality indicators on network elements and sections
• keeping a log of registration of quality indicators by VC, MS, RS, OTU (FEC) levels, with the ability to print information available to the operator and save it on external media

Troubleshooting control and management
• provision of information about malfunctions and changes in the state of monitored network elements (less than 1 min)
• maintaining fault logs
• management of efficiency monitoring modes and receipt of alarm and other messages from network elements, add/drop units ports ("masking" and changing the category of alarm messages)
• support for sensors for monitoring and managing external alarms at the facility
• e-mail notification, as well as an audible notification of the operator when an error occurs