RAMENKA-Server Software

Ramenka-Server is software for centralized management of the Ramenka fiber-optic communication line monitoring system, which monitors the status of communication lines in automatic mode and notifies of changes in the optical characteristics of the fiber.


Software functionality

Connected Devices Management

"Ramenka-Server" provides information in a single web-interface about the connected units of reflectometers included in the monitoring system "Ramenka".

List of business functions implemented in the software

A single web-interface for access to reflectometer units included in the Ramenka monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as reflectometer units).

    • Viewing the list of IP addresses of reflectometer units
    • Checking the status of reflectometer units
    • Management of Ethernet connection type of access to reflectometer units (unit front panel, chassis control unit)
    • Management of measurement parameters (distance, pulse width, resolution, averaging time)
    • Viewing traces and event tables
    • Ability to generate and export reports on individual measurements (sor, xlsx)
    • Assigning/changing a reference trace
    • Creating/changing/deleting comparison thresholds for reference and current traces
    • Controlling the parameters of reflectometers units:

- Reflectometer operation mode (manual, automatic)
- Thresholds for device temperature
- Event detection threshold by reflectometer unit
- Network settings of the reflectometer
- Loading/editing a measurement report template

Line management

The saved measurements are uniquely related to the line of the scatterometer unit. The line is uniquely associated with one of the ports of the device, which is configured by the user.

  • Add/edit/delete lines
  • Setting the refractive index of the optical fiber for each line
  • Binding a line to one of the device's optical ports

Automatic Monitoring Management

  • Add/edit/delete automatic monitoring tasks
  • Add/delete lines to a task
  • Manage the frequency of triggering the reflectometric signal


  • Providing the user with information about the output of the values of the observed parameters beyond the configured thresholds
  • Keeping a log of registration of changes in the optical parameters of the FOCL and system events
  • Export log data to Excel



Graphical presentation of data about the change in the parameters of an optical fiber communication line for a user-defined time interval.


  • Add/edit/delete user accounts
  • Assigning user access rights based on the role model
  • Management of connections to Ramenka Server software and reflectometer units
  • Access to software update
  • Software version information


The cost of the software is determined at the request of the client, depending on the requested characteristics. For additional information, please contact the commercial department of T8 LLC, telephone +7 (499) 271-61-61, +7 (495) 380-01-79, e-mail: export@t8.ru.