Monitoring the state of the optical infrastructure in automatic mode

The volume of data transmitted over communication networks is growing annually by 20-30%. This is a consequence of rapid technological progress and the result of digital transformation. Under the new conditions, the stable operation of the transport infrastructure 24/7 and the prompt troubleshooting of the network have become priority tasks for telecom operators.

The Reflectometer produced by T8 LLC is a device for monitoring and inventory a communication line. The equipment continuously monitors the state of the optical infrastructure and makes it possible to prevent an accident on the network, and in the event of an accident, to reduce the idle time of the communication line due to synchronous operation with data transmission equipment.

The optical infrastructure monitoring unit (OTDR) is installed in the chassis simultaneously with the DWDM equipment and occupies one slot in Volga DWDM platform chassis. The OTDR unit informs the operator almost in real time about changes in the optical performance of the network and displays the localization of all events, which allows to conduct technical work on time.

Key components of the reflectometer:

• processor
• reflectometer module
• optical switch
• signal add/drop multiplexers


• Classification of two types of events: non-reflective (bad welding, large fiber bend) and reflective (connector, cracks, fiber end)
• connection to the customer's IP network via an Ethernet connector on the front panel or via DWDM Volga chassis control unit
• the ability to save more than 100,000 reflectograms on one device
• simultaneous visualization of the current and reference reflectograms on the computer interface
• the ability to “enlighten” the span of the line up to 130 km with one unit
• output of the break warnings is from 25 seconds to 3 minutes (depending on the length of the line)
• availability of two scanning modes: automatic (fiber polling period is assigned, for example, 1 time every 15 minutes) and manual (manual control of the reflectometer and switch)


Parameter Value
Central wavelength1626±3 nm
Number of tested fibersup to 12
Pulse width5 ns, 10 ns, 30 ns, 100 ns, 300 ns, 1 µs, 3 µs, 10 µs, 20 µs
Dynamic range40 dB (1 port), 36 dB (12 ports)
Resolution0.04 – 40 m
Operating wavelength range of transit signals1310 – 1563 nm
Insertion loss at 1528-1563 nm≤1.5dB
Insertion loss at 1510 nm≤1.5 dB
Insertion loss at 1310nm≤2dB



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