Muxponder M800-1-8Q

Aggregates up to 8 x 100G clients and transmits up to 800 Gbit/s over a single wavelength

The M800 series units provide aggregation of up to 8 high-speed Ethernet (400GE/100GE), OTN (OTU4) client signals and their transmission over a WDM line in a linear signal up to 800 Gbit/s. Implemented several versions of the unit for different configurations.

Key points about the M800 muxponder line

• world's highest throughput per wavelength

• the ability to gradually scale the network as traffic grows

• flexible configuration of the line interface

• high speed clients

• best optical performance at the line interface

Line interfaces1 х LC/UPC DWDM
Line Mode Examples
Line interface speed200G400G600G800G
Modulation formatsDP-P-16QAM
(95 GBaud)
(95/85 GBaud)
(95/85 GBaud)
(95/91.6 GBaud)
Redundancy supportno
Frequency grid (multiplexing technology)91.6 GBaud: 100 GHz Flattop AWG l 95 GBaud: 125 GHz / FlexGrid l 85 GBaud: 100 GHz Flattop AWG
Frequency range191.25 – 196.1 THz
Transmitter output powerthe ability to adjust the output power in the range -9 ... + 4 dBm
OSNRτ12.2 dB17.3 dB /17.9 dB* 95/85 GBaud22.2 dB/23.7 dB
* 95/85 GBaud
27.4 dB/28.4 dB
* 95/91.6 GBaud
Receiver sensitivity-25 dBm-25 dBm-21.5/-20.5 dBm * 95 GBaud /85 GBaud-16.5/-15.5 dBm * 95 GBaud /91.6 GBaud
Receiver overload5 dBm
Automatic dispersion correction-45 300...+468 200 ns/nm-39 600...+39 600 ns/nm
Aggregation up to 8 x 100GE (QSFP28) → 800G or up to 6 x 100GE/OTU4 (QSFP28) → 600G
Client interfaces8 х QSFP28
Transfer protocols100GE/OTU4100GE
Aggregation up to 4 x 100GE (QSFP28) and 1 x 400GE (QSFP-DD) → 800G
Client interfaces4 х QSFP28, 1 x QSFP-DD
Transfer protocols2 x 100GE/OTU4 (QSFP-28)
1 x 400GE(QSFP-DD)
4 x 100GE (QSFP-28)
1 x 400GE(QSFP-DD)
Aggregation up to 2 x 400GE (QSFP-DD) → 800G
Client interfaces2 х QSFP-DD
Transfer protocols1 x 400GE (QSFP-DD)2 x 400GE (QSFP-DD)
Power consumption for all versionsup to 120 Wup to 130 Wup to 140 Wup to 160 W