5G Transport Networks

5G mobile networks are an integral part of digital transformation and the new digital economy. 5G networks have high demands on the transport infrastructure and should provide speeds 20 times higher than the 4G generation. Volga DWDM equipment shows a high degree of readiness for new technological solutions. Low signal-transmission delays, high energy efficiency and the possibility of organizing a high density of channels in the fiber allow you to use the platform in building the infrastructure of 5G networks.

Volga was tested on a 5G test network and showed the possibility of operation in the latest generation mobile networks. The platform supports the required standards for CPRI, eCPRI, and TC operating modes for PTP 1588v2.  

  • Low latency and high capacity of xWDM channels.
  • Supports CPRI, eCPRI, 25GE, 10GE, 100GE.
  • Supports TC modes for PTP 1588v2.
  • Russian development and production; the Telecommunication Equipment of Russian Origin status.
  • The recommended equipment for communication lines: MS-D100EQ, MS-200EC2, etc.

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