5G Transport Networks

5G mobile networks are an integral part of digital transformation and the digital economy. 5G networks must provide speeds 20 times faster than the 4G generation and, therefore, place increased demands on the transport infrastructure.

Volga DWDM-equipment shows a high degree of readiness for new technological solutions. Low signal transmission delays, high-energy efficiency and the ability to organize a high density of channels in the fiber make it possible to use the platform in building 5G network infrastructure.

• a universal solution for transferring 4G and 5G client traffic to Fronthaul, Midhaul and Backhaul
• optimized, deterministic delays
• support for various Fronthaul 4G and 5G protocols with CPRI options (CPRI7, 8, 10), eCPRI (10GE, 25GE), network synchronization protocols SyncE and 1588v2

The equipment can be used to organize a transport layer on any of the 5G mobile network segments: Fronthaul, Midhaul and Backhaul. It provides the reliable delivery of mobile traffic (including CPRI/eCPRI) with a minimum deterministic delay, and a network synchronization, supporting such protocols as SyncE (clock synchronization) and 1588v2 (phase / time synchronization).

Volga DWDM platform has been tested in the 5G. T8 tested equipment on the Fronthaul, the most difficult segment. The eCPRI traffic was aggregated into a 200 G link and passed between the base station DU and the remote RRUs. DWDM equipment has demonstrated error-free transmission and minimal delays due to parameter optimization.

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