DCI Storage and Processing Centers

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and virtualization reveal the full potential of your data center, but create an increased load on communication channels. T8 offers a specialized solution for scaling your telecommunications network - the new Volga DCI chassis. A specially designed chassis for data centers will allow you to scale the network according to your needs without significant capital costs. The solution has a high port density and high energy efficiency. Volga allows you to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of network infrastructure and increase the bandwidth of your communication channels.

In 2018, the largest data center financial organization in Skolkovo was equipped with the latest generation of Volga 400 Gb/s channel-forming DWDM equipment. High-speed communication between several data centers with channel redundancy was organized on the equipment.

The compact DCI chassis includes transponder, amplifier and multiplexer modules, it all in a single 3U or 6U chassis. No need to look for additional space for multiplexers and amplifiers - everything is already provided. The maximum link speed can reach 600 Gbit / s for distances of up to 100 km between nodes. Brocade * certified equipment which supports Fiber Channel protocols.

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