DCI for Data Centers

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtualization (VR) reach the potential of a modern data center and increase the load on communications channels. T8 offers a specialized solution for scaling a telecommunications network. It is Volga DCI chassis. The developed equipment for data centers increases the bandwidth of communication channels as needed without significant capital costs. The solution has a high port density and energy efficiency.

• frontal blowing of the chassis
• highly integrated solution: DCI includes interface cards (transponder and aggregator units) and optical units (multiplexers and amplifiers)
• compact and large capacity in a single chassis, configurable single wave rate from 100 to 600 Gbit/s
• high interface density and power efficiency
• support for SAN protocols: Fiber Channel 8/10/16/32GС, Brocade* certified

*An up-to-date list of certified equipment is available upon request

The DCI chassis can be equipped with both interface cards, transponder and aggregator units, as well as optical units that provide traffic transmission over the required distance. The maximum chassis capacity can be 8.4 Tbit/s with a capacity of 1.2 Tbit/s per slot. The equipment is Brocade1 certified and supports Fiber Channel options.

In 2018, the largest data center of Sberbank was equipped with the latest generation of Volga 400 Gbit/s channel-forming DWDM equipment. On the multiservice platform, a high-speed network was built between several data centers with redundant channels.

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