Regional and City Optical Networks

T8 offers modern telecommunications equipment for urban and regional networks (metro networks), represented by a wide variety of technologies and, as a result, client interfaces. Volga multiservice line makes it possible to combine systems from PDH and SDH to high-speed Ethernet data transmission systems into a single modern transport infrastructure. Client service flows from E1 to 400GE are efficiently aggregated and transmitted over optical channels (wavelengths) with bandwidths from 155 Mbps to 800 Gbit/s.

• high throughput: from 155 Mbit/s to 800 Gbit/s per wavelength
• multiservice — transparent transfer of any client services: E1 (PDH), STM-1...64 (SDH), 1GE...400GE (Ethernet data network traffic), OTU1...OTUCn (OTN), CPRI mobile traffic /eCPRI, FC800...FC3200 (SAN traffic)
• support for optical (ROADM) and electrical (OTN-XC switching
• coherent and non-coherent systems up to 80 DWDM channels

A feature of the Metro segment is complex topologies. Circuit switching at the optical or electrical layers provides the flexibility of the optical infrastructure. For this purpose, in Volga equipment line, multi-connected ROADM nodes are implemented at the optical DWDM level in a promising configuration CDC-F (Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless, FlexGrid), and at the electrical OTN level nodes with a centralized matrix OTN-XC cross-connect channels are implemented.

Volga provides a possibility to gradually scale throughput, reduce capital costs for the construction and further development of networks of telecom operators. Units of different generations of the system are compatible with each other, which provides customers with a seamless transition to new solutions.

On Volga DWDM-equipment regional networks are built in the Macro-Regional Branch of Rostelecom PJSC: Center, Siberia, North-West, South, Volga Region and others

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