Regional and Metro Optical Networks

Innovative solutions from a Russian developer and manufacturer for converged networks. The T8 company offers modern telecommunication equipment for optical communication networks with channel speeds from 155 Mbit/s to 600 Gbit/s. The Volga multiservice platform supports a wide range of client interfaces from E1 to 100GE, including streams at the ODU level. Service switching is available using OTN cross-connect for 40/48 DWDM channels. For reliable, but low-speed channels, T8 offers Irtysh passive CWDM solutions with support for up to 16 communication channels in a single fiber. The equipment can be supplied with AC or DC power units.

The Volga platform line includes several types of chassis sizes — from compact solutions for one slot to large 10U systems, which makes it possible to use rack space efficiently. Volga allows you to increase bandwidth gradually, as needed. The new generation equipment is compatible with the previous one; thereby the capital costs for the development and expansion of the network are significantly reduced. The capabilities of the platform will ensure a high degree of security and reserve not only informational and optical channels, but also communication nodes. All the solutions on the Volga and Irtysh platforms have a single management system named Fractal.

  • Multiservice: transfer of any client services from E1, STM-1/4/16/64/256, 1GE, 10GE and up to 100GE, ODU-n, TC SyncE.
  • High bandwidth for regional and metro networks.
  • Linear transmission from 2.5 G to 600 G at a single wavelength.
  • Switching services using cross-connect OTN.
  • Coherent and incoherent systems with 40/48 DWDM channels and 16 CWDM channels, as well as passive CWDM solutions.
  • A wide range of chassis sizes from large 10U to compact 1U in 19/21'' racks.
  • Recommended equipment for use: MS-100E, TT-10E, TQ-10P, etc.

In 2019 Volga DWDM platform connected Moscow and Yekaterinburg over 2300km channel transmitting data on the speed of 100gb/s and 150Gb/s without signal regeneration.

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