Backbone DWDM Networks

Digital transformation requires telecom operators some flexible options to increase the capacity of backbone channels in a short time and with minimal capital investment. The current generation of the Volga platform supports the implementation of complex network topologies using optical (ROADM) and electrical switching (OTN). The platform has a wide range of elements for organizing a DWDM network of any complexity, including EDFA, RAMAN, ROPA and hybrid amplifiers, and allows you to organize any type of redundancy. Extensive management and monitoring capabilities of all network nodes are carried out through the Fractal control system, specially designed for the Volga platform.

For backbone telecom operators, T8 offers proven high-speed equipment with a channel speed of up to 200 Gb/s, which will provide 19.2 Tb/s for one pair of optical fiber. The platform has proved itself to be excellent both at short distances and on extra-long spans, up to 2300 km without regeneration. Practical experience in building backbone networks allows us to foresee important features of projects and quickly solve complex issues. For the optimal and efficient networking, the company uses its own design center for network design, the experience and expertise of which allows us to launch complex networks with minimal capital costs. The technical support team provides 24-hour assistance, including the replacement of equipment from its own stock of spare parts throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

  • High bandwidth for backbone channels, up to 19.2 Tb/s for one pair of optical fiber on long communication lines.
  • A wide range of equipment for building networks with a complex topology and high fault tolerance requirements.
  • Flexible management and monitoring of networks by the Fractal management system.
  • Own team of specialists in the design and installation of networks.
  • Russian manufacturer, the Telecommunication Equipment of Russian Origin status.
  • Recommended equipment for typical backbone networks: MS-400, TD-200E, etc.

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