Backbone DWDM Networks

Digital transformation requires telecom operators to be able to flexibly increase the capacity of backbone channels in a short time and with minimal capital investment.

For backbone telecom operators, T8 offers high-speed equipment with a channel rate of up to 800 Gbit/s, which provides up to 38.4 Tbit/s over one pair of optical fiber. Volga DWDM platform has proven itself well both at short distances and at extra-long spans, up to 4,000 km without regeneration.

• up to 38.4 Tbit/s over one pair of optical fiber high throughput for backbone channels on extended communication lines
• wide choice of line interfaces
• a wide range of equipment for building networks with complex topology and high fault tolerance requirements
• flexible management and monitoring of networks by the Fractal management system or the new NMS Titan with extended functionality

DWDM transponders of the latest generation is ideal for building the most balanced solution between the bandwidth and transmission range of the system. The platform has a wide range of elements for organizing DWDM networks of any length. The implementation of various protection schemes ensures the reliability of connections. In addition to redundancy of information and optical channels, redundancy of communication nodes is available.

Many opportunities for managing and monitoring all network nodes are carried out through the Fractal NMS or a new one with extended functionality of the Titan NMS class.

Practical experience in building backbone networks allows us to foresee important features of projects and quickly resolve complex issues. To build the optimal network topology, the company uses its own network design center. Experience and expertise offers great opportunities to launch complex networks with minimal capital costs.

In 2021, using Volga DWDM equipment, T8 built a technological network for the longest ammonia pipeline in the world, Transammiak PJSC, with a total line length of more than 1,500 km

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