Aggregating Transponder M1200-2-12Q

Transmission of up to 12 x 100GE or OTU4 RS FEC client signals in  2 x 600G coherent channels

  • Transmission of up to 12 x 100GE or OTU4 RS FEC client signals
  • Hard-FEC 7% and Soft-FEC 15% or 27% error correction
  • Tunable C-band laser
  • OSNRτ от 9.8 dB (0.1 nm, BER = 10 -¹²)

The unit supports transmission up to 1200 Gbit/s over two wavelengths (linear speed of 1 wavelength varies from 100 to 600 Gbit/s). MS-1200E transmits data in OTN format using Soft-FEC error correction. Through the use of various modulation formats from DP-QPSK to DP-64QAM (including the Fractional-QAM mode), the optimal use of network resources is achieved. Laser with wavelength tuning with a step of 6.25 GHz allows to organize up to 48 channels DWDM 600 Gbit/s in C-band and 100 GHz grid or up to 96 DWDM channels of 400 Gbit/s in C-band and 50 GHz grid.


Line Interface

Operating Mode

2 х 100 Gbit/s2 х 200 Gbit/s2 х 400 Gbit/s2 х 600 Gbit/s
Number of interfaces2
Interface typeLC/UPC
Modulation formatDP-QPSKDP-QPSK
Automatic dispersion correction up toдо ± 350 ns/nmдо ± 350 ns/nmдо ± 280 ns/nmдо ± 10 ns/nm
Wavelength range1528,7-1567,1 nm
OSNRτ (0,1 nm, BER=10-¹²)9,8 dB13,1 dB20,4 dB29,9 dB
FECSoft-FEC 15%, Soft-FEC 20% или 27%
Output power (BER=10-¹²)-10…+3 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-26 dBm
Receiver overload5 dBm
Power consumption170 W195 W240 W280 W
Client Interface
Interface typeQSFP28
Interface standard100GE, OTU4