Muxponder MS-D100EC2-DT10

Aggregation of up to 20 multi-service signals with a total capacity of up to 200 Gbit/s and transmission over 100G at two wavelengths (or up to 200G at a single wavelength)

Support for an extended set of clients in a single redundant slot

Available versions
Telecom | DCI

1MS-D100EС2-DT10 is unit for aggregating multiservice signals and transmitting in a coherent high-speed signal through the CFP2 line interface

MS-D100EQ-DT10 is unit for aggregating low-speed signals via the QSFP28 interface into high-speed transponders M800-1-8Q and M1200-2-12Q for efficient use of optical line resources

Line interfaces2 х CFP2
Line Mode Examples (characteristics are determined by plug-in modules)
Line interface speed2 х 100G (redundancy)1 х 200G
Modulation formatsDP-DQPSK / DP-QPSKDP-8QAM / DP-16QAM
Redundancy supportyesno
Frequency grid50 GHz / 100 GHz / FlexGrid (in increments of 6.25 GHz)
Frequency range191.25 – 196.1 THz
Transmitter output power-15...+1 dBm
OSNRτ11.4 dB
18.1 dB
* DP-8QAM, SD FEC 15%
Receiver sensitivity-22 dBm-21 dBm
Receiver overload6 dBm
Automatic dispersion correctionup to ± 40 ns/nmup to ± 20 ns/nm
Lightning protection
(resistance to rapid SOP changes)
up to 5 Mrad/sup to 1.6 Mrad/s
Client interfaces20 х SFP+ / SFP28
Total client capacity up to 100GTotal client capacity up to 200G
Transmitting protocolsAggregating 100G (CFP2):
· up to 10 х 10GE, CPRI7-9, OTU2/OTU2e, STM-64,
FC800/1200 (SFP+)
· up to 6 х FC1600 (SFP+)
· up to 3 х 25GE (eCPRI), FC3200 (SFP28)
Aggregating 2 x 100G (or 1 x 200G, CFP2):
· up to 20 х 10GE, CPRI7-9, OTU2/OTU2e, STM-64,
FC800/1200 (SFP+)
· up to 12 х FC1600 (SFP+)
· up to 6 х FC3200, 25GE (eCPRI)(SFP28)
Power consumptionup to 140 Wup to 125 W