Athermal AWG DWDM module

Key element of multiplexer/demultiplexer block

AAWG module is the main component of DWDM equipment multiplexer/demultiplexer blocks. AAWG allows working in a wide temperature range. AAWG module is an entirely passive device due to providing compensation of chip thermal expansion. The module does not include components of the system that requests electrical supply.
AAWG module is designed for multiplexing or demultiplexing of optical signal in the band 1525-1565 nm (C-band), configurations of the device using from 40 to 96 channels with a step of 100 or 50 GHz.

Fields of application:

  • Data transmission system DWDM


  • Low losses
  • High insulation
  • Entirely passive module
  • Compact case
  • Wide temperature range

ParameterTypical valueUnits of measurement
Channel count40, 48, 96-
Frequency spectrum spacing100 or 50GHz
Operating bandITU-T Grid (C-band)THz
Accuracy of central wavelength± 0.05nm
1 dB wavelength0,20,36nm
3 dB wavelength0,360,51nm
Insertion losses4,56,0dB
Channel pulsation0,75dB
Polarization reliant losses0,60,5dB
Adjacent channels isolation-25dB
Nonadjacent channels isolation-30dB
Return losses-40dB
Operating temperature-5~+65 (optional from -40)°C
Operating humidity0~90%
Storage temperature-40~+85°C
Storage humidity0~90%