40G BPSK modulator

First Russian-made electro-optical Mash-Zender amplitude/ BPSK modulator for fiber optics

Electro - optical modulators are implemented in telecommunications and microwave photonics for data transfer and signal processing using their linear electrooptical properties. Up- to the moment our company made first Russian 26.5 GHz modulator and looks forward for more complicated designs. Dynamic range over 30 dB and great linear response made product developed by T8 good option for RF over fiber solutions.

Electro-optical modulator developed and produced in R&D facility of T8 is a part of company's program aimed on development of microwave photonics components and solutions. Our alpha samples had already demonstrated priceeffective characteristics, and we are looking forward to explore new technological horizons.

Application area:

  • WDM\ DWDM telecommunication systems
  • RF over fiber solutions

Features (Alpha sample):

  • 26.5 GHz bandwidth for 1525-1565 nm wavelength
  • Linear RF response of -25 +17 dBmS 11
  • Compatible with common telecommunication components
  • Polarization Extinction ratio over 15 dB
  • Optical power up to 25 dBm
  • Electrical power up to 25 dBm
  • Electrical connector 1.85mm (V-type)
  • Optical connectors FC/APC or LC/APC

Optical parameterTypical valueUnits
Operating wavelength range (minimal loss)1530-1625nm
Optical loss3,5dB
Polarization extinction coefficient<-7dB
Maximum optical power20dBm
Input fiberPM (панда) 
Output fiberPM (панда)/SMF28 
Electrical parameterTypical valueUnits
S21(on level - 3 dB)26,5GHz
Vπ for RF connector6V
Vπ for DC connector5V
Minimum input power-15dBm
Maximum input power20dBm
Connector type1,85 mm (V-type)dBm
Input impedance50Ohm