About DWDM

DWDM technology basics

The brochure is an introduction to DWDM technology (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing). It is intended for communications engineers and senior students who are just learning about DWDM technology. This brochure very briefly considers the fundamentals of the coherent communication systems technology and the practical issues that may arise when working with optical equipment for spectral multiplexing. The material was prepared by specialists of the T8 company.

- Introduction to DWDM technology
- The main components of a DWDM system
- Causes of errors in DWDM systems in the process of receiving an optical signal
- Methods for increasing the performance of a DWDM system
- Flexibility and scalability of modern optical transport networks


DWDM systems

For specialists who are already versed in technology and want to know more, we offer to purchase a full-fledged book publication in which you can find all the answers for DWDM technology. Authors of the publication are Listvin Vladimir Nikolaevich, scientific consultant of the company, and Ph.D. Treshchikov Vladimir Nikolaevich, T8 General Director. They collected and systematized all their long-term operational experience in developing fiber-optic data networks and DWDM systems. There are the principles of building fiber optic data networks considered in the book. The particular attention is given to wavelength division multiplexing technology (DWDM).

Many of the issues discussed in the book have so far been covered only in special journals. A clear and understandable language, a large number of illustrations and numerical examples makes it useful not only for experienced professionals, but also for students who are new to this technology. The book has been reprinted several times. In the last third edition, chapters on coherent high-speed networks 100+ Gbit/s are added.