100G at 4250 km in a real line without regeneration on VOLGA equipment

T8 has tested 100G Volga equipment in a real line without regeneration. The line between Moscow and Novosibirsk with a length of 4250 km was passed without signal regeneration. 100G channels are transmitted in two ways — through Samara and through Yekaterinburg, — with 1 + 1 redundancy. The length of the two lines is 4250 and 3400 km, respectively.

100G channels are provided on the existing multi-channel DWDM-system that built on foreign equipment. Operating in this configuration demands stricter requirements of new transponders than on "native" equipment. In particular, it is necessary to adjust the power level of the new 100G channels to the power level of the existing channels.
100G Volga equipment performed well in a complex configuration, while providing a significant margin of optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR). The OSNR margin is 7 dB over the line through Samara, over the line through Yekaterinburg it is 8.5 dB. This is more than double the required operating margin.

Achieving the record figures was possible due to the use of the new generation of Russian 100G DWDM equipment Volga, developed and manufactured by T8 Company. The required OSNR for the new 100G Volga equipment is 11 dB only.

Once again record signal transmission confirms that Russian DWDM equipment Volga surpasses equipment of leading foreign vendors in transmission range and key parameters of signal transmission quality.

“We not only successfully transmitted 100G channels in a DWDM system of a foreign manufacturer, but also achieved an extra-long transmission distance for commercial networks in a cascade of amplifiers without signal regeneration — 4250 km!”, Says Mikhail Sleptsov, Deputy Project Director of T8. "Thus, once again we have proved that Russian DWDM networks can be successfully developed using Russian equipment."

It should be noted that the cost of Volga equipment is noticeably lower than its foreign analogues. In addition, unlike many vendors, T8 does not require a complete replacement of the operator's channel-forming equipment when upgrading the system. At the request of the customer, the transmission of high-speed DWDM channels using Volga transponders can be provided within the framework of operating DWDM equipment from other manufacturers.

“Import substitution in the field of telecommunications equipment is especially important for Russia because of a probability of price increases caused by changes in the exchange rate and restrictions on the supply of import systems due to the imposed sanctions,” emphasizes Vladimir Treshchikov, CEO of T8. "In addition, the transition to the use of Russian equipment will reduce the risks of unauthorized impact on the network and significantly increase the level of information security."