Second Graduation Ceremony for Students of T8 Company Department at SPbSUT Named After Bonch-Bruevich

On May 17, thirty students from the Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems received certificates for successfully completing the program "Principles of Construction, Components, Design, and Building of Fiber-Optic Systems and Networks with DWDM Technology" at the base department "High-Speed Backbone Transport DWDM Systems" (HSBT DWDM) of T8. Over the course of the year, students gained practical experience in high-speed transport optical systems, the development and implementation of advanced optical and quantum technologies. Leading experts from T8 Company and its strategic partners, along with faculty from the Department of Photonics and Communication Lines, conducted the classes.

During the graduation ceremony, T8 company organized a business program for the students:

Career Development Insights: Anna Nekrasova, Head of the Administrative Department, and HR managers Evgenia Mikhailova and Ekaterina Matvienko shared insights on building a professional career, discussing the wide range of opportunities in the industry, key competency requirements, and job search tips.

Business Simulation: Staff from the Commercial Department and the Research Department conducted a business game where students had to find the optimal solution for an operator providing high-speed communication services. The task was to design a communication line connecting three cities. Graduates, representing four simulated integration companies, presented and defended their projects in a competitive environment and collaborated to find joint solutions.

The ceremonial part of the event saw participation from SPbSUT representatives, including University Rector Ruslan Kirichek, First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Albert Abilov, Vice-Rector for Project Activities Darina Okuneva, Head of the Department of Photonics and Communication Lines Maria Bylina, and faculty members of the department.

T8 company congratulates the graduates of the base department on reaching this new milestone and wishes them an excellent start to their professional careers!