T8 Implements High-Speed Backbone Communication Channels Spanning Over 16,000 Kilometers for TransTeleCom

T8 has successfully established high-speed transit communication channels with a total length of 16,700 kilometers using DWDM equipment and the Titan NMS software for one of the largest telecommunications operators, TransTeleCom. These optical networks now link Saint Petersburg and Ulan-Ude. This project has significantly enhanced TransTeleCom capabilities to offer high-speed transit services across Russia, contributing to the telecommunications infrastructure of the international transport corridor "East-West." The collaboration between the two Russian companies stands as a remarkable example of the successful implementation of domestic technologies, earning the first place in the "Innovative Solutions in Telecommunications" category of the "Best Practices in Telecom Import Substitution" competition.

The primary objective of the project was to substantially increase network capacity on the existing optical infrastructure provided by a foreign vendor, with support for rapid failover switching. Engineers from T8 and TransTeleCom organized high-speed optical channels using Alien Wavelength technology, based on the flagship DWDM platform Volga and the new domestic NMS Titan.

"The technologies we integrate into our solutions are not localized versions but are entirely developed from scratch in Russia by T8. They enable our clients to offer high-tech and competitive services in the international telecom market. We thank TransTeleCom for their trust and the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale project, and we are pleased that our domestic systems are helping to form the export of high-tech services," commented Vladimir Treshchikov, CEO of T8 LLC.
"TransTeleCom has been building continental-class channels between Asia and Europe for over twenty years and has extensive experience working with leading global suppliers. We would like to highlight the unprecedentedly quick response from our partners at T8 during the equipment supply and commissioning process. It is important to note that the task was carried out in an existing multi-vendor environment of an international communication channel, requiring high competency in harmonizing and fine-tuning the equipment. Currently, the channels are not only assembled but also operational for the client," stated Sergey Yakovlev, Deputy General Director for Telecom Business at TransTeleCom JSC.

TransTeleCom (TTK) has been in the market for over twenty-five years. TTK is a provider of communication services and modern digital services for government organizations and major corporate clients in key economic sectors. TransTeleCom product portfolio includes the most sought-after products for ensuring business security and efficiency, as well as innovative services. TTK manages one of the largest backbone fiber-optic networks in Russia, spanning over 83,000 km with a capacity of more than 4.2 Tbps.