T8 tells about DWDM solutions at the Cloud & Connectivity 2024 conference

T8, the Russian company, a developer and manufacturer of wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) telecommunications equipment, took part in the 12th annual Cloud & Connectivity conference, which was held on March 21 in Moscow.

At the session “Infrastructure: Products and Solutions,” Andrey Barusov, the head of the NMS development department, told participants about the possibilities of centralized management of complex and extensive DWDM networks between data centers.

“The algorithms in the Titan management system are very similar to the algorithms in the mapping applications on our smartphones. For example, we need to get from point A to point B. The service will build us the optimal route in time. In optical communication networks with a mixed topology, the operating principle of the NMS Titan management system is the same. Seeing the capacity and network congestion, we can build a route at the request of the operator or external system, determine the parameters of this route, the number of hops and delays along the route. And based on this data, the operator or system makes a decision to automatically create an end-to-end connection through this network. We see right through the network – we see which frequencies are occupied and which frequencies in the spectrum are free. If we further develop this idea, it can be translated into the terms “Scheduled Service”, “Scheduled Channel,” noted Andrey Barusov.

In the discussion “Infrastructure for the cloud: what is happening in the market,” Deputy General Director for Strategic Development Konstantin Marchenko expressed a very simple and understandable thought: “If a vendor wants to develop and produce a product that will satisfy the customer, for which the customer will fight, he has the only way that is to go to the client and test the product there. Because no matter how many hours the manufacturer spends alone, the proper quality cannot be achieved. There must be constant dialogue, contact, communication between the client and the manufacturer.”

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