T8 at the Digital Healthcare 2024 conference

T8, the Russian company, a developer and manufacturer of wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) telecommunications equipment and solutions for optical communication networks, took part in the Digital Healthcare 2024 conference, which was held on February 29 in Moscow.

In the speech “Russian DWDM systems for digital healthcare. Advanced technologies for building high-speed optical networks,” project manager Elzar Muratov told participants about the factors that influence on trends in digital healthcare, the company’s comprehensive approach to working with customers, and also presented effective DWDM solutions for the development of the healthcare sector.

“The use of high-speed DWDM solutions from a domestic developer and equipment manufacturer solves the main problem that is building a stable and rapidly growing infrastructure foundation for digital healthcare. DWDM systems provide stable and fast data transmission over optical fiber, which is critical for the efficient operation of medical information systems. For the end consumer, this means faster and more reliable access to modern medical services and information,” Elzar Muratov said during his speech.

The Digital Healthcare 2024 conference is an annual event of the CNews Conferences agency, which is an important platform for discussing innovative technologies in healthcare. The event was attended by large network medical institutions, relevant ministries and departments, research institutes and insurance companies.