T8 at the Microelectronics 2023 forum

The Russian forum “Microelectronics 2023” was held from October 9 to 14 on the territory “Sirius” federal in Sochi. This is the key informational event of the year in the world of electronic technologies, a platform for dialogue between developers of electronic components and manufacturers of finished products.

On October 10, at the Plenary meeting, General Director Vladimir Treshchikov addressed the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov with a request: “Quite a long time has passed, and Government Resolution No. 1619 of 2021 regarding “Vertically integrated Projects” is not being developed. Therefore, I have a proposal: is it possible to return the “Vertically integrated DWDM Project” to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for implementation?” Denis Manturov gave instructions to consider the issue and evaluate this possibility.
On October 11, Vladimir Treshchikov took part in the round table meeting “Technological sovereignty in the radio-electronic industry.” The moderator of the session, Gulnara Khasyanova, General Director of Mikron JSC, discussed key issues with industry leaders. The topics of ensuring technological sovereignty, new models of international cooperation between domestic microelectronics enterprises and related industries to implement the development strategy of the Russian industry of electronics receive full coverage. “Technological sovereignty is the ownership of technology in Russia. It is this that allows us to compensate for one or another external adverse effect. Maintaining the TORP status and the Vertically integrated Projects mechanism is the only way to create a Russian electronic component base and achieve technological sovereignty,” noted Vladimir Treshchikov.

At the “Coordination of government support measures” round table meeting with the participation of representatives of the main development institutions and the Director of the Department of Radioelectronic Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Plyasunov, Deputy General Director of Government Relations Alexander Senyukov took part.

The prospects for alternatively attracting funding from development institutions for the implementation of Russian equipment to launch “Vertically integrated Projects” and other measures to support direct customers were discussed. During the meeting a promising support measure was announced aimed at equalizing the imbalance in the cost of domestic and imported telecommunications equipment by compensating part of costs of manufacturers for technological operations performed on the territory of the Russian Federation.
At the “Formation of the Russian market for photonic integrated circuits” scientific section participants discussed the coordination of efforts to build an ecosystem in Russia for the design, production and use of photonic integrated circuits in science and industry.

“Russian factories need to be given the opportunity to develop their own photonic integrated circuits, similar to imported ones. I agree, their cost will be five times more expensive. But this will allow us to truly master the technology. While we are developing and producing microchips, we will solve the problems of stabilizing operating points, control, and reliability. We will have technologies in our hands that will allow us to solve various tasks,” said Vladimir Treshchikov.