T8 took part in VKVO 2023

On October 3, the General Director of the T8 group of companies, Vladimir Treshchikov, spoke at the plenary session of the conference with a report “Prospects for the development of domestic DWDM communication systems.”

“The company has been developing high-speed DWDM systems since 2008. In 2012, we demonstrated a 100 Gbit/s coherent transponder of our own design, becoming one of the five companies in the world that had this technology at that time. In 2018, we demonstrated commercial 200 Gbit/s equipment. By 2021, we have developed a muxponder with a capacity of 1200 Gbit/s per unit (two optical carriers with a capacity of 600G each). The development of a muxponder with a channel capacity of 800G has begun, and the development of a compact DWDM system for data centers with a full capacity of 6.4 Tbit/s in a 2U high package is underway.

The conference was divided into 11 sections, in which scientists and researchers spoke about the latest achievements in the field of optics, nanotechnology, microware photonics and other areas. Employees of T8 Group of Companies took an active part in the work of the sections: there were about 30 researchers with fifteen reports. Two representatives of the company were included in the program committee of the section “Fiber-optic communication systems” - Oleg Evgenievich Naniy, Head of the Scientific Department, and Semyon Samuilovich Kogan, Advisor to the General Director for the forming of technical strategy.

All-Russian Dianov’s Conference on Fiber Optics was held from October 3 to 6 in Perm as part of the Photonics Week in the Perm Region event. The conference was organized by the National Technological Initiative NTI Photonics Competence Center. The VKVO Organizing Committee decided, starting in 2023, to name the conference after Academician Evgeniy Mikhailovich Dianov (1936−2019) who is its initiator, an outstanding scientist in the field of fiber optics, laser physics and optical materials science, long-term director, scientific director and founder of the Fiber Optics Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FORC RAS).