On February 17, the official opening of "Backbone High-speed Transport DWDM Systems" (HTS DWDM) took place. It is the basic department of the T8 company. This event is the result of the University’s and T8 cooperative strategic vision of the importance of educating the next generation of communications technicians. 20 people will begin their studies at the base department: there will be students from "Infocommunications technologies and communications systems" and "Photonics and optical informatics" faculties among them.

Konstantin Vladimirovich Marchenko, Deputy Director for Strategic Development of T8 LLC, has been appointed Head of the Department of Backbone High-speed Transport DWDM Systems. The Rector of the University Sergei Viktorovich Bachevsky addressed a welcoming speech to the students and teachers of the department. He congratulated them on the beginning of their studies at the basic department and thanked the representatives of the T8 company for many years of effective cooperation.

“The foundation of the DWDM basic department of HTS DWDM brings the interaction between the university and T8 to a new level. We combine efforts and resources to train highly qualified specialists, conduct research and development, effectively use the innovative potential in the field of development, design, construction and operation of high-speed transport optical systems, development and implementation of advanced optical and quantum technologies,” Konstantin Marchenko said.

The students of the department got educational materials and department’s attributes. They have two semesters ahead full of intense but very interesting work.