Liberum Navitas, the Russian center for the design, construction and operation of data centers and cloud infrastructure, will enter into a strategic partnership agreement with T8, Russian manufacturer of wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) telecommunications equipment and a developer of innovative solutions for optical communication networks.

The key area of cooperation will be the design and construction of highly reliable communication networks between data-centers with the provision of broadband access to network services and other open resources. For the needs of the data centers and their clients T8 specialists will carry out work on the development of the data centers’ network design, preparation of specifications for their engineering, supply of telecommunication equipment and its following installation forming of fiber-optic communications lines with a bandwidth of 100 to 600 Gbit/s in each spectral channel.

T8 is one of the leading providers of fiber-optic communication solutions and telecommunications equipment manufacturers in Russia. At the same time, the company has one of the most powerful research and production bases in the country, which make it possible to guarantee the efficient implementation of projects of any scale and level of complexity.
The company has repeatedly become the winner of various specialized ratings, and its products have been assigned the status of Telecommunications Equipment of Russian Origin by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Taking into account the relevant experience and competencies T8 was chosen by Liberum Navitas as the priority partner in this area.
It should be reminded, that the project developed by Liberum Navitas provides for the creation and launch into commercial operation of 15 reference data centers from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The main goal of the project is to provide a unified quality standard for commercial data center services for state and commercial enterprises throughout the country, regardless of geography. At the same time, the total capacity of the project will be 9,000 racks (with the possibility of doubling them).

“When solving such a large-scale task we intend to involve the best partners only, whose experience and competencies have been repeatedly confirmed by real projects and are beyond doubt,” Ayrat Mustafin, General Director of Liberum Navitas says. “Of course, T8 is exactly the kind of an innovative, highly professional and reliable company. We will continue to use this approach, carefully selecting companies that will participate in the project and play a leading role in the implementation of specific areas.”

“Assessing carefully the concept of creating a trusted data center network proposed by Liberum Navitas, we saw the technical potential inherent in this project,” Konstantin Marchenko, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development at T8 said. “That is why we decided to sign a strategic partnership agreement and today we are starting to work together on a number of technical aspects, detailing plans and schedules.”

About Liberum Navitas

Liberum Navitas is the first Russian design center, that constructs, builds and operates data centers and cloud infrastructure on a turnkey basis. The Liberum Navitas team includes specialists with more than twenty years of experience in creating commercial public and private data centers in the Russian Federation and abroad. Liberum Navitas' proprietary methods and developments makes it possible to implement large-scale infrastructure projects in a short time and with a guaranteed level of quality.