T8 LLC., the leading Russian manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for wavelength division multiplexing for optical communication networks, has upgraded the backbone lines of one of the largest operators in Russia with a length of more than 2,400 km. High-speed lines were launched in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Buryatia and the Irkutsk Region. The installation of Volga DWDM equipment was a part of a large-scale project to upgrade backbone fiber-optic channels. As a result, the modernization affected 28 nodes of the telecom operator, and now the capacity in the busiest areas is 600 Gbit/s. Volga platform is a Russian-designed and manufactured wavelength division multiplexing system that allows communication channels up to 400 Gbit/s over a single wavelength. The distinction of Volga is the possibility of building super-long flights between communication centers without regeneration and reinforcement.
Konstantin Kuzmin, Project Manager of T8 Ltd.: “Modern information infrastructure is one of the key conditions for the development of regions. High speed and uninterrupted operation of optical communication channels is especially important during global emergencies. Such a striking example was the prolonged period of the pandemic this year, when many people switched to distance learning and work. Our Volga equipment made it possible to significantly relieve the operator's backbone communication channels and connect new facilities to the Internet, including such social facilities as schools and hospitals. "
The upgrade of the backbone optical equipment in Siberia will continue. In the near future, the Republic of Khakassia will receive a similar high-speed network with a capacity of up to 1 Tb/s in some sections, built on Russian equipment.