Mobile DWDM – T8 deals with any customer challenges

We are all used to the fact that the backbone equipment of spectral multiplexing is stationary and cannot be used in mobile solutions. The T8 company destroys this stereotype and offers a DWDM complex for the temporary organization of high-capacity communication nodes equipped with transport wheels.

The solution is designed to organize reliable high-speed fiber optic communications for indoor or outdoor use. Mobile DWDM can be in demand during major events: sports championships, holidays of federal and city significance, as well as during emergency response to provide mobile base stations with communications. The solution is a Volga V6 chassis installed in an anti-vibration rack located in a protected casing on soft swivel wheels. The 19-inch rack has dimensions of 500x610x690 mm (LxWxH) and can be easily transported by one person. The casing is waterproof according to IP65, and the front and back walls of the casing can be removed to ensure equipment maintenance. It is possible to install security locks against unauthorized access.

The proposed solution was first used at the World Cup 2019, the Confederations Cup in 2019 and the “Scarlet Sails” Festival in St. Petersburg. The solution was tested by the technical services of a major telecom operator and taken into operation.