The First Russian 40 Gbit/s BPSK Modulator will be Shown in the Exhibition ‘Photonics’

February 18, 2019, Moscow. T8 company will demonstrate electro-optical modulator 40 Gbit/s for optical communication systems at the exhibition ‘Photonics’ for the first time. The device was developed and manufactured in the laboratory of the company T8 within the state program ‘Development of electronic and radio-electronic industry for 2013-2025’. The prototype of the optoelectronic modulator showed better characteristics than were originally laid, and surpassed foreign analogues in a number of indicators.

Optoelectronic modulators are used in telecommunication and radio-photon optical systems for data transmission and amplitude-phase transformation of the carrier optical signal due to the electro-optical effect. Up to the present time in Russia did not exist its own technology for the production of electro-optic modulators with a bandwidth over 25 GHz. The device based on the Mach–Zehnder fiber interferometer allows to solve problems where is required a dynamic range of more than 30 dB, including the transmission of an analog RF signal over an optical fiber.
The modulator is an important component in many optical systems, and the Russian development suggests a confident step in the development of domestic telecommunications equipment. The development will be used in receiving and transmitting devices of DWDM-platform Volga. Other domestic manufacturers of optical systems, including those not in the field of telecommunications, are also interested in the new product. T8 company plans to launch pilot production and make the first shipment of samples in 2019-2020.

‘The own optical modulator will increase the degree of localization of our equipment, – said Vladimir Treshchikov, General Director of T8. – In addition to the use of the Volga platform, we are ready to offer the modulator and our other components, which we are working on, to other manufacturers of optical systems. Tests of the prototype have shown very good results, and we are confident that we offer a decent product of the world level. Without the help of the state and the program of the Ministry of industry and trade, it would be difficult for us to achieve such success, it is a long, difficult and costly way. Nevertheless, our results suggest that Russian products, even high-tech ones, may consist of Russian components. We are moving slowly, but we do it, this requires fair play and the desire of all participants in the process, including customers‘.

In addition to the modulator, visitors will be presented with a prototype of the AAWG module that is the key component of passive multiplexer/demultiplexer units, which are designed for multiplexing or demultiplexing optical signals in fiber optic systems.

The exhibition will be held on March 4-7 at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow. We invite you to visit our booth № 75B54 and listen to speeches of our experts within the scientific and practical conference of VIII Congress of TP ‘Photonics’ on March 5 from 12.30-15.00. The website of the exhibition Photonics