9.6 Tbit/s DWDM equipment's been created A 100 Gbit/s signal has been transmitted for a distance of 4,250 km

100G DWDM-system V1-MS-100E

Compact 100G DWDM system V1-MS-100E

Transmission of 10 client signals 10 Gbit/s each in a DWDM channel 100 Gbit/s with Soft-FEC

  • Transmission of 10 client signals 10GE, STM-64, OTU2, 8/10 GFC
  • Line interface OTU4, 120 Gbit/s
  • Error correction Soft-FEC
  • Coherent modulation format DP-QPSK
  • OSNRR = 12.5 dB (0.1 nm, BER=10-12)

Several world records were set:
– 100G transmission over 4000 km without dispersion compensators or regeneration
– 10*100G transmission over 500 km with ROPA

System V1-MS-100E-T10 aggregates 10 client interfaces 10 Gbit/s and transmits them into a single 100G DWDM channel. The traffic protocol on 10G client ports can be changed without interruption of the line traffic. Muxponder performs 3R-regeneration of the signal, converts data to OTN OTU4 format and implements Soft-FEC error correction. A stabilized wavelength is used for data transmission in accordance with standard DWDM grid. The laser can be tuned across the C-band to cover any of up to 96 channels (with 50 GHz spacing). The system has an Ethernet port that enables to arrange service channel on a working wavelength. The device consists of: channel-forming DWDM unit, control unit, two power supply units, and fans unit.