9.6 Tbit/s DWDM equipment's been created A 100 Gbit/s signal has been transmitted for a distance of 4,250 km


T8 holds seminars and trainings which consist of a theoretical part, read by leading specialists and a practical part with instruments and DWDM systems

We organize course «The DWDM systems operation». The main purpose of course is expanding theoretic knowledge of the DWDM technology, and acquiring practical experience in managing and configuring real WDM. The considerable part of course’s time is dedicated to practical questions of construction and operation of DWDM networks. Students without assistance but under the leadership of the qualified experts carry out measurements and control of the network equipment at working stands. NMS Fractal is used for configuration of DWDM systems. The course is carried out to laboratories of the company and take 3 days. You can study the detailed program on a company site.


T8 Company has published a book called DWDM systems to improve the quality of training of young specialists. The book includes a series of lectures on FOCL that have been read by industry professionals for several years, they are engaged in the development, implementation and operation of DWDM systems. The book’s authors are T8′ employees who develop and produce the DWDM equipment as well as design, install and adjust of DWDM-systems.