Trainings – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы


For our customers we organize different trainings. The main purpose of course is expanding theoretic knowledge of DWDM technology, and acquiring practical experience in managing and configuring of real WDM. The considerable part of course’s time is dedicated to practical questions of construction and operation of DWDM networks.

The course program covers the following topics: 

1. Structure and evolution of fiber optic communications, optical fiber and passive elements of fiber-optic communication lines;

2. Communication systems with binary amplitude modulation and direct detection;

3. Modern DWDM-communication systems: coherent communication systems, operational features;

4. Principles of DWDM-network construction, standard configurations of DWDM-networks;

5. Elements of DWDM-network: transponders, optical amplifiers, measurement of optical communication lines;

6. The composition of DWDM-equipment: transponders 40-400G, transponders 2,5-10G, optical amplifiers;

7. Organization of channel reservation;

8. Operation of DWDM-networks: control system of DWDM-networks "Fractal" and SNMP;

9. Technology replacement of faulty blocks;

10. Actions in the event of emergency situations on communication lines.