THE WORLD RECORD from Т8 – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы


(Russian) МИРОВОЙ РЕКОРД от Т8

A 100 Gbit/s signal has been successfully transmitted for 4,000 km without dispersion compensators.

Moscow, Russia, May 30th, 2012 – The Russian Т8 company has successfully transmitted 100 Gbit/s signals for a fiber distance of 4,000 km without dispersion compensators via an 80-channel DWDM system.

The maximum capacity of an 80-channel DWDM system is 8 Tbit/s. The 100 Gbit/s VOLGA transponder developed by the T8 company has the best parameters of the 100 Gbit/s signal quality and the electronic dispersion compensation value in the industry. It opens broad perspectives for Russian communication service providers to build cost-efficient long-haul communication systems without dispersion compensators.

«Our engineer team has been working strenuously to increase the electronic dispersion compensation value from 50 to 75000 ps/nm relative to the result achieved at the «Svyaz-Expocomm-2012» exhibition. Our 100G system uses the most modern technologies: coherent reception of 100G in the DP-QPSK format, the polarization signal multiplexing, the SoftFEC error correction algorithm. The transponder has the best signal quality parameters in the world: the required OSNR=12.5 dB and the electronic dispersion compensation is up to 75,000 ps/nm.

The combination of the best transmission quality of 100 Gbit/s in the world and the maximum dispersion compensation value give Russian communication providers possibilities to build powerful and cost-efficient 100G DWDM systems of long-haul communication. According to data from open sources, it’s been a record to transmit a 100G signal for 4,000 km without dispersion compensators.» – Vladimir Treschikov (Т8 CEO) said during the demonstration of 100 Gbit/s work.