Aggregating Transponder MD200-2C2-4Q

Transmission of up to 4 client signals over two 200 Gbit/s channels with Soft-FEC or HD-FEC

  • Transmission of up to 4 client signals
  • A cost-effective solution for organizing a 200 Gbps channel
  • Tunable C-band laser
  • OSNRτ from 11 dB (0.1 nm, BER = 10 -¹²)
  • Low power consumption

The unit supports several aggregation options: 4x100G client in 2x200G DP-16QAM line, 2x100G client in 1x200G DP-16QAM line. Tunable by the wavelength of the laser allows you to organize up to two 200 Gbit/s channels in the C-band in 50 GHz steps. The unit uses the perfect DP-QPSK or DP-16QAM modulation format. A flexible OTN transmission format is used OTUC2v or OTU4v. The client interface of the unit - QSFP28, which allow to reduces the cost of organizing communication channels.


Line Interface

Operating Mode

Line Interface1 x 100 Gbps2 х 100 Gbps1 х 200 Gbps2 х 200 Gbps
Number of interfaces12 1 2
Interface type  LC/UPC
Interface standardOTU4vOTU4vOTUC2vOTUC2v
Modulation formatDP-QPSK, DP-dQPSKDP-16QAM
Automatic dispersion correction± 40 ns/nmup to ± 10 ns/nm
Wavelength range1528.7–1567.1 nm
OSNRτ (0,1 nm, BER=10-¹²11 dB18 dB
Output power (BER=10-¹²)-1…+1 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-18 dBm
Receiver overload0 dBm
Power consumption90 W150 W100 W180 W
Client Interface
Interface typeQSFP28
Interface standard100GE, OTU4