Alien Wavelength Technology

The expansion of existing OTN / DWDM networks and the need to increase channel bandwidth is one of the most common issues that T8 specialists have to solve. It is not always possible to expand the bandwidth of already installed equipment; therefore, we propose using the technology of the “alien wavelength”. You don’t have to change existing equipment, to expand the bandwidth a minimum set will be enough, configure it to work with the equipment of another vendor. You are no longer dependent on your equipment supplier.

T8 specialists implemented alien wavelength solutions for leading telecom operators. The Volga DWDM platform has successfully proved itself in a variety of conditions, and it successfully operates at the wavelengths of third-party vendors.

The Volga platform allows you to organize the transmission of any signals in an "alien grid" of wavelengths without interrupting traffic. Thanks to a wide range of transmitting and receiving equipment and several types of chassis, you can always find an effective solution to increase the bandwidth of your network. Using the technology of “alien wavelength” requires a preliminary study of the optical path. Therefore, for the implementation of this task, the employees of the scientific department of the T8 company conduct additional studies and measurements of the line parameters.

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