Alien Wavelength Technology

Expansion of existing OTN/DWDM networks and the need to increase channel capacity are some of the most common issues that T8 specialists have to solve. It is not always possible to expand the bandwidth of already installed equipment, so T8 suggests using "alien wavelength" technology. To increase the capacity of the system using this technology, it is enough to install the minimum set of channel-forming equipment (transponder or aggregator) and configure it to work together with the equipment of the linear path of another vendor. Alien Wavelength Technology enables companies to upgrade networks in cost-optimization way and reduce dependence on current equipment vendors.

• transmission of client signals to any distance in a "alien grid" of wavelengths
• optimization of the cost of modernization of communication networks
• rapid capacity expansion within existing infrastructure

Volga platform provides the transmission of any client signals supported by Volga units in an "alien" frequency grid without interrupting third-party traffic. A wide range of transceiver equipment and several types of chassis make it possible to find an effective solution for increasing network throughput. The use of the "alien wavelength" technology requires a preliminary study of the optical path. Therefore, to implement this task, the employees of the scientific department of the T8 company conduct additional measurements of the line parameters.

In 2020, a new backbone high-speed network of 100 Gbit/s was built on Volga DWDM platform, which united 13 communication nodes of the National Sports TV Channel LLC in the largest cities of Russia using the technology of "alien wavelength"

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