DWDM Volga reduces maintenance costs of Inoventica

T8 company and the first Russian IT operator Inoventica announced the completion of the next stage of the main equipment modernization. The amount of the supply contract was 40 million rubles. The spectral multiplexing equipment DWDM Volga 100 Gbit/s was installed on the operator’s network. It allowed to organize additional communication channels with a total capacity 600 Gbit/s.

‘The practice of working on an alien wave is not unique for us, it is a proven technology. Volga DWDM platform characteristics allow easily integrate it on the network which is built on foreign equipment. Volga provides good performance, meanwhile the equipment operating costs are lower than our competitors’. We are satisfied with the cooperation with Inoventica and we are ready for the further development of their channel capacity’, said Mikhail Sleptsov, the Deputy General Director of T8 LLC.

In 2012, Inoventica became the first European telecom operator that implemented an innovative approach in the organization of backbone infrastructure, which involves the joint use of equipment of two manufacturers. Currently, alien wave technology is successfully used on the Inoventica network (more than 13 thousand km) for the efficient provision of 100 Gbit/s channels to customers using T8 equipment on top of Nokia Siemens DWDM network.

The use of alien wave technology allows Inoventica to minimize both CAPEX and OPEX, as well as to provide the customer with the optimal technical characteristics of the channels. For example, the round-trip delay of the Moscow – Yekaterinburg channel is only 28 milliseconds.

Earlier the cost of dedicated communication channel with a capacity of 1 Gbit/s to reserve communication, for example, between offices in Moscow and Novosibirsk was about 4 million rubles, the cost of the channel with a capacity of 10 Gbit/s – about 20 million rubles.Communication channels with a capacity 100 Gbit/ s did not exist at all. Nowadays the cost for dedicated channels with the same capacity has decreased tenfold.

Thus, the market price of the channel 1 Gbit/s between Moscow and Novosibirsk today is about 200 thousand rubles, 10 Gbit/s – 900 thousand rubles, and the 100 Gbit /s communication channel can be rented for 4 million rubles.


INOVENTICA group is the first Russian IT operator that implements projects to build public, hybrid and private clouds at the national level by providing access to the single pool of cloud information and computing resources of the Group’s companies and its partners on the basis of its own ICT infrastructure. The Group of companies includes: CJSC Communications for innovations, Inoventiсa Technologies LLC, Garant-Park-Internet LLC, Radio Television Communication LLC. More than 5 thousand clients are partners and customers of INOVENTICA Group, more than 1800 of them are government agencies and institutions, SMB segment companies, large corporations, system integrators, telecom operators, hosting providers, software developers and data center operators.