On April 26-29, T8 took part in the 34th international exhibition of information and communication technologies Svyaz-2022. The company's stand introduced the visitors to the latest developments in the field of communications. Some of them are announced at the exhibition for the first time:

— compact DWDM platform for data centers with high bandwidth and transmission distance. By connecting 8 line cards of 800 Gbit/s with flexible regulation, the DCI system allows data center operators to build DWDM channels with a bandwidth of up to 6.4 Tb/s in 2U. It is a one-stop solution for data center interconnection over both short and long distances.

— operator-class management system NMS Titan for centralized control of DWDM equipment and integration with external IT systems (OSS/BSS).

— OTDR system for monitoring the state of the optical infrastructure in real time. The reflectometer unit constantly and incessantly monitors the state of the optical communication line, making possible to prevent an alarm on the network. In case of the alarm it helps to reduce downtime on the network due to the synchronous operation of data transmission equipment (DWDM) and monitoring the infrastructure’s state.

Demonstration of Volga multifunctional DWDM system has become a tradition for the Exhibition. The expo presented a new generation of equipment with a throughput of up to 800 Gbit/s over a single wavelength. Volga equipment line is implemented in two versions, both with the classic left-to-right blowing option (for Telecom), and with front-to-back blowing in the version for data center.

Another development of the T8 group of companies is a multifunctional DAS system for technological monitoring and protection of critical infrastructure. This solution is successfully operated at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex, the oil and gas industry, auto and air transport infrastructure, telecom operators.