T8 took the first place in the ranking of the most innovative companies in Russia

T8 group of companies took the first place in the ranking of the most innovative companies in Russia and entered the TOP 5 among companies with revenues of up to 2 billion rubles according to the 'Tekhuspekh' ranking . 'Tekhuspekh' ranking is the first ranking of high-tech fast-growing companies in Russia. According to the results of the past year, the company retained its place in the ranking among medium-sized companies, in the ranking for 2018, T8 group was also included in the TOP 5 medium-sized companies in terms of revenue.

In 2019, the company managed to improve the indicators of 'export potential' and 'innovation'. In 2019, the company updated production and laboratory equipment and product lines of manufactured equipment — the first Russian telecommunications blocks of 400 Gbit/s, as well as telecommunications equipment for data centers, entered the domestic market. Last year, for the first time, we showed our own electronic components that can be used not only in DWDM systems of our own production, but also in third-party equipment. The developed components are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues and are available for order.

T8 company (www.t8.ru) is a leading manufacturer of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) telecommunications equipment for optical communication networks in Russia and the CIS countries. We offer complete solutions for the construction of turnkey DWDM networks, we have commissioned more than 76,000 km. The developed Volga equipment has set several world records in the field of data transmission.

Tekhuspekh ranking (www.ratingtechup.ru) was first organized by RVC in partnership with the Association of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR) in 2012 with the support of RUSNANO and the Foundation for assistance to the development of small forms of enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere. The goal of the ranking is to promote domestic high-tech companies in both domestic and international markets. The leaders of the ranking are fast-growing high-tech companies from different regions of the Russian Federation, consistently over the past three years showing indicators above the average for their industry.