Muxponders and Transponders – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Muxponders and Transponders

The list of equipment listed below is not complete. T8 reserves the right to change this information at any time without prior notice. Send a request for more information regarding your issue.

MS-800E and MS-1200E - Transmission up to 12 x 100 Gbit/s client signals in coherent 2 x 600 Gbit/s channels.

MS-400E - one of the latest developments of the company, is the most high-speed device as a serial device for optical communication lines. The field of application is data centers and telecommunications operators' lines.

ТD-200E - transmit of up to 4 client signals over two 200 Gbit/s channels with Soft-FEC or HD-FEC.
MS-D100EQ-DT10 and MS-200EC2-DT10 - transmits up to 20 client signals in 200 Gbit/s.
MS-200E and MS-D100E - transmit up to 20 x 10 Gbit/s client signals in channel 200 Gbit/s with Soft-FEC.

MS-100E- set several world records. Transmits 10 client signals of 10GE, STM-64, OTU2, 8/10 GFC. Certified by BROCADE.
MS-D100EQ-T10 и MS-D100EC2-T10 -  Redundancy of 1+1 100 Gbit/s channel for 10 client signals.
TS-100E и TD-100E - With 1 (CFP) or 2 (QSFP28) line interface and OSNR from 10,3.

TT-10E и T6-10E - 10 x 10 Gbit/s transmission in 10 Gbit/s DWDM channel with cross-connect and Super-FEC.
ТQ-10P и TO-10P - Cost-effective solution for transferring client streams from 155 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s without FEC.
ТS-10EP и TD-10EP - Transmits 10 Gbit/s client signals in DWDM channel with Super-FEC.
MS-DC10E - Transmits up to 8 client signals in OTU2 channel with FEC and OTN X-connect.

TQ-3ES - transmission of 4 signals with a linear speed of 2.67 Gbit/s in the OTU1 channel with FEC.
MD-D3ES - transmission of 2+2 signals with a linear speed of 2.67 Gbit/s in the OTU1 with Super-FEC.
MS-1S-21E - transmits up to 21 E1 client interface in STM-1 channel.