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EA and RA optical fiber amplifiers

The optical amplifiers family includes preamplifiers, boosters and linear erbium doped amplifiers (EDFA), and also Raman amplifiers (RAU) with power up to 2 W

  • EDFA amplifiers with 1, 2 and 3 stages
  • Controls transient processes when adding channels
  • Low noise figure
  • Amplification control by a built-in attenuator
  • Flat amplifying spectrum in C-band
  • Raman amplifiers with pump power up to 2 W (33 dBm)
  • Stabilization modes for an output power and amplification factor


Erbium amplifiers increase the power of optical channels without an optoelectronic transformation. Amplification units have from one to three amplification stages; there is a possibility of inter stage access to connect dispersion compensators. Use of GFF filters provides a flat amplifying spectrum in C-band; a built-in attenuator allows adjusting an amplifying factor.
The light amplification by Raman amplifiers (RAU) is a distributed amplification of a signal in a telecommunication fiber with direct or opposite pumping from a powerful source(s) (up to 33 dBm) at 1455 nm wavelength.

Functional diagram of the 3-stage EDFA amplifier

Optical characteristics

Parameter Linear amplifiers and preamplifiers of the C3-band
Spectral range 1528–1565 nm
Output power 10–25 dBm
Number of amplifying stages 1–3
Number of leveling GFF filters 1–2
Spectral flatness per 10 dB of amplification 0,5 dB
Power adjustment range with an attenuator 0–10 dB