Aggregator MD-D3ES – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Aggregator MD-D3ES

Transmits 2 client signals in DWDM channel OTU1 with Super-FEC

  • Transmits 2x(GE or STM-1/4) or STM-16
  • OTN OTU1 line interface
  • Line interface redundancy
  • Useful for organizing 1+1 and ring protection
  • Super-FEC G.975 I.7 or FEC G.709 error correction algorithm
  • Two aggregators in one unit

Optical characteristics

Parameter Value
Line bit rate 155 Mbit/s – 2,67Gbit/s OTU1
Number of client interfaces 4
Standards of client interfaces GE, STM-1/4/16
Transmitter power 1528,7-1567,1 nm
Power consumption 30 Вт