9.6 Tbit/s DWDM equipment's been created A 100 Gbit/s signal has been transmitted for a distance of 4,250 km

Irtysh 10G compact CWDM system

The best solution for organizing cost-effective speed channel


  • Transmits the SDH (STM-1/4/16/64), GE/10GE
  • A built-in CWDM multiplexer
  • Path protection is optional
  • 2 CWDM channels 10G + 6 CWDM channels 2.5G
  • Doubled power units 36-72 V DC
  • An optical supervisory channel
  • 3R-regeneration
  • The compact 1U housing, 19”

The Irtysh 10G CWDM10Tp-6/2-SC system is a modification of CWDMTp-8-SC in which instead of two 2.5G channels (SFP) two new 10G (XFP) channels were added. Transmitted spectral channels combine in one fiber using multiplexer (two fibers for duplex transmission). In case of path protection all 8 channel can be transmitted in two paths working and redundant.
The Irtish allows organizing up to 8 CWDM channels; it’s possible to transmit 4 CWDM channels in 2 directions. The equipment executes 3R regeneration of a signal, transforms it into spectral channels which are combined into a baseband CWDM signal by a built-in optical multiplexer. All the optical connections with a multiplexer are done inside the unit; this increases its reliability and usability.


  • Number of optical channels: 8
  • Number of path directions: 1-2
  • Switching between paths is automatic or manual*
  • Transmission length: 40 or 80 km
  • Client channel power: +2 dBm
  • Doubled power units: 36-72 V DC, power consumption 60 W
  • Network management system: SNMP, Monitor
  • Built-in Ethernet Switch 10xGE XFP, STM64, 6xRJ-45 10GE, OTU2

* Takes place for modification with path protection. In case automatic protection switching occurs depending on optical power level (less than threshold).