9.6 Tbit/s DWDM equipment's been created A 100 Gbit/s signal has been transmitted for a distance of 4,250 km

DUNAY Distributed Security Fiber-optic System

The system of «Dunay» – a distributed acoustic sensor influences for security systems. The system allows to fix the approaching to the guard zone and the border crossing throughout the whole perimeter (up to 40 km or to 75 km with ROPA). At approaching of person the car or while earthwork near protected object, the Dunay system is transmitting an alarm event to the operator’s computer indicating the source place with an accuracy of 10 meters. The system aenables detection and localization of a set of simultaneous influences too. This 3U device unit has three slots for: receiving and transmitting unit, amplifier module and embedded server for processing. The system has redundant power supplies. The sensitive element is an optical fiber. Customer can use fibers of the optical cable has already constructed in ground. System allow locate any activities causing ground and water vibration beyond 150 meters from fiber optic cabel.
The system received a patent № 2503879 on the monitoring device object in the pipeline. Dunay allows you to monitor the passage of defectoscope and cleaning pigs in pipes.


  • Low solution cost – only one central unit can control the 40 km line with option extension up to 75 km length;
  • Immunity to electromagnetic influences;
  • Standard single mode optical fiber as sensitive element (only one fiber is needed);
  • Independence on whether conditions: snowing, raining, fog, wind, etc.;
  • Integration with other security systems on the basis of Ethernet protocol: video surveillance, alarming of operative personal, etc.;
  • No any field maintenance, easy in deployment (there is no need in hi qualification personal);
  • Very robust system (redundant power supplies, hot swappable cards);
  • Network management system complies to telecom standards, diary for recording main parameters, optical managing channel.

Guard and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines
The Dunay system informs about approaching to zone under protection and permits operatively react, faster than a tap can be embed into the pipeline:

  • The control of the tap embedding
  • The control of any unauthorized earthwork nearby pipeline
  • Location registration defectoscopes and cleaning pigs
  • Protection for communication line
  • One of the most frequent reasons of FOCL failure is breaking of an optical cable. Damages might happen while earthwork in close vicinity of optical cable arrangement or because of vandalism. The Dunay system allows to prevent failure having reported to the operator about unauthorized earthwork near the communication line.

Monitoring of railway tracks

The Dunay system can be used on railway lines for tracking trains, detection of an inadvertent uncoupling of wagons or drop of goods from the train. In addition, continuous data analysis helps to detect in advance the degradation or damage to the railroad tracks.

Vibration monitoring of bridges, buildings, extreme industrial plants and constructions

To avoid emergency at critical facilities (bridges, dams, etc.) it is necessary continuously monitor the facility. In autonomy mode the system allows to control the events and inform about load tolerance level exceeding in time.

Operation & Maintenance

Short optical impulses (200 ns) inputs periodically (with 1-2 kHz frequency) into the standard single mode fiber (SSF), then changes in the interference figure of the backscattering signal are analyzed.
Standard telecom fiber is used as a distributed sensor. Short optical impulses (200 ns) are sent in the fiber periodically with a frequency of 1-2 kHz and changes in interference pattern of backscattered signal are analyzed. The system registers acoustical influences with frequencies from 4 Hz to 1 kHz. A network of “Dunay” reflectometers with a centralized management can be arranged for monitoring of extended objects like transfer pipelines. Reflectometers in the network are managed using a service channel.
The system contains built-in server that performs data processing: primary processing and filtration, detection and classification of events. A workstation of operator performs only tasks that do not require high computing performance, such as visualization of data acquired from one or several reflectometers, and representation of events on a network scheme or on the map.
This enables you to organize various network configurations using remote access depending on customer requirements. An API is provided for integration of the “Dunay” with existing security systems.